wightlinkislandersThe Wightlink Islanders clash the National League’s newest club, the Kent CTA Fire Kings, twice in the next 24hrs and will be looking to win both and clinch a place in the playoffs for the league title.

Those playoffs will involve the league’s top four sides in the final table once all matches have been completed and currently the Wightlink Islanders are in fifth spot with 18 points from 11 matches, just one point behind Coventry and two points ahead of sixth place Buxton.

Coventry though have completed their fourteen match campaign whilst we still have three left to race as do Buxton who we face away from home this coming Sunday.

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Tonight and tomorrow the speedway team race against Kent with the ideal scenario being a double win, at Central Park, Sittingbourne tonight and at Smallbrook in the return tomorrow.

Co-manager, Chris Hunt, has made it clear that he and the team are looking to win both…

“That’s certainly what we’re aiming for and within our capabilities bearing in mind we’ve already beaten them home and away in both the National Trophy and KO Cup competitions.

“However they’ve run into really good form lately including becoming the first and only team to defeat runaway league leaders Dudley so far this year so we know neither neithof the two matches will be easy for us.

“But we also know that we have a golden opportunity to reach the play offs for the National League title and it’s an opportunity we intend to grab hold of with both hands!”

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