The rise of the internet was unprecedented, and it brought about huge advancements for almost every industry and aspect of modern life. This includes the world of gaming; board games came first, the games consoles, followed by PC gaming to now with streaming. Gaming is a global industry, and it has become somewhat of a social network in its own right. Specifically, in the last few years, gaming has come on leaps and bounds, and it has expanded into one of the most profitable forms of entertainment.

As gaming has shown itself to be incredibly lucrative more and more people are opting to try and make a living out of it. But just how feasible is this? Read on to find out.

Streaming Gameplay

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Arguably this is the most aspirational gaming career path. The idea is that you can earn money simply by live streaming while you play your favourite games. Players of all abilities and ages broadcast their gameplay to viewers. If you have enough of a following, you can earn mega money through views and ad revenue. However, building up a fan base big enough can take time. The process itself is fairly simple; all you really need is a camera and the knowledge of how to screen record your gameplay or live-stream your gameplay, depending on your platform.

Online Gambling

For most people gambling online is a hobby and a way for them to subsidise their other forms of income. However, for the lucky few, it can become their main form of income, and they win huge amounts. That being said, it is not the easiest of processes, and there is far more to it than just simply being lucky. Some games require a well-thought-out strategy, and some require carefully calculated risks. Therefore, research is mandatory for success. Learn the rules and odds of the games that you want to play and look up the casinos you want to play at. For example, if you wanted to play at Casushi, which is a relatively new online casino, you should first look up a releiable Casushi casino review. Catzino is a casino and game review site. You can use their services and advice to help further your chances for success.

Gaming Tournaments

Many gaming tournaments offer cash prizes to their winners. However, the tournaments themselves are not that frequent, and often you need to be at the highest skill level possible to qualify. Many different games and forms of gameplay have tournaments, and some players have been known to win big. This particular area has seen a huge boon in recent years, with many tournaments now being held in stadiums and arenas because they are so popular, and many fans want to come and watch the tournaments. They are often also streamed over the internet for fans who can’t make the tournament in person.

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Things to Consider

Whilst it is certainly possible to take gaming to a professional level, you may want to consider the steps that you will need to take to achieve this. For example, for most people, it is advisable, to begin with, a smaller time commitment and build your skills or fanbase on the side. This way, you have another reliable form of income coming in until you can gain enough traction to begin gaming full time. Having another form of income in the initial stages also means that you can save some money to ensure that you have enough to fall back on should you have a lean month. Starting smaller also allows you more time to assess the criteria needed for success. What areas should you be developing further to give yourself the best chance at success?

You will also need contingency plans. If you pick one specific game as your niche, you run the risk of that game becoming outdated or losing its popularity. However, if you are not discerning, it may be hard to gather a loyal fanbase as they may only be interested in a small portion of your content. Try to diversify your content and your interests, or consider having a backup plan.

Some people also advise that you have a timeframe. How long are you willing to work towards your goals? If you haven’t reached success by whatever age or date, then maybe it should be time to pack it in and consider another route. Try to ensure that your timeframe is both realistic but also long enough to ensure that you have given yourself enough of a chance. This is also where the backup plan comes in handy.

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To Conclude

In all honesty, the idea of being an online gamer professionally is still very new. Only in the last few years have online players begun to break out and garner huge successes and audiences. Therefore, it should be comforting that there isn’t any one path to guaranteed success; instead, there are many different opportunities and routes that you can take. These possibilities will likely expand further as the gaming industry continues to grow exponentially. Online gaming can be a viable career path it just takes perseverance and maybe a little luck.

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