Yoga is one of the best ways you can get in touch with your physical health and inner peace. There are various ways to do yoga. Others do it from the comforts of their home, while others do it outdoors. When doing it outdoors, yoga is best enjoyed while taking in all that nature has to offer. Being one with nature doesn’t always mean doing yoga in parks and forests though.

People are now enjoying yoga while listening to the crashing waves of the sea. Stand-up paddle board yoga classes are now readily available, and it’s an activity that a lot of people enjoy. If you want to take your yoga sessions as close to nature as possible, why not do so near the pristine marine life?

What You Need

Aside from your yoga skills, you’ll also be needing a paddle board instead of a yoga mat. Don’t go looking for any paddle board though as there are some types that are better for yoga. Paddle boards by give you an extensive list of boards that are perfect for yoga. You’d want to look for a paddle board with a planing hull.

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Planing hull boards are wider than compared to other types. They offer more stability which is a great choice if you are going to do yoga on the water. Planing hulls are intended for leisure paddle boarding compared to their counterpart, the displacement hull which is intended for sports activities and competition.

Aside from planing the hull, you also want to consider the length of the board. Ideally, you’d want to pick a hull that’s long. The longer and wider the board is, the more space you have to do those advanced yoga techniques. A wider board also adds more stability, making it easy for you to balance on the board even if the currents are a little wild.


Yoga provides many benefits already says Hopkins Medicine. Aside from its psychological benefits, yoga also improves strength, balance, and stability. Believe it or not, yoga also helps you burn calories. It’s one of the easiest ways to lose weight too which is why more people are trying out yoga.

Basic yoga is already beneficial to the body. If you add paddle boards to the mix, the benefits are doubled. As you do yoga on the water, you’ll see that it requires more focus and balance as compared to doing it in your home or anywhere on land. It can help you achieve your yoga goals faster!

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Staying Safe

There are dangers to paddle board yoga, however, which is why it’s important to come equipped with the right equipment. Aside from a great and compatible paddle board, you also need to wear protective gear. Of course, it’s best to do this under supervision especially if you are new to the hobby.

Yoga and paddleboard go surprisingly well together, and it’s an excellent hobby to get into. You should definitely try it out if you are looking to change up your workout routine

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