There’s always something to read about with iGaming – whether it’s a new platform, regulation, or a new game. If you’re interested in keeping up-to-date with the latest iGaming news, we’ve got you covered. Read on to learn the best ways to stay in the iGaming news loop.

Subscribe to iGaming News Websites

Subscribing to iGaming’s dedicated news websites ensures you get timely updates in your email. You’ll find everything from full-scale industry reports to detailed market analysis on these websites – and there are tons of websites to select.

For example, you’ve got daily updates, market movements, regulatory changes, and new technologies offered by iGaming Business, a leading source for industry news across Europe ( It also has numerous other stories, like reviews and information on any other topic concerning casinos.

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Being reputed for encompassing interviews with major participants, all emerging trends, and detailed market reports, Gambling Insider is a perfect source of information for gaming worldwide. Here, you’ll be able to get newsletters containing the most significant news that happened within the week or month, making it easier not to scroll through everything.

Or you can look for general news articles. You can find a UK online casino guide on websites like TalkSport.

Follow Blog Pages on Casino Websites

Checking casino websites’ blog pages is a great place to go. Most online casinos have blogs that update players about their new games, promotions, and general news.

For example, the Betway Casino Blog offers deep insights into how different types of slot machines function, game strategies, and interviews with people in the casino field about new slot game releases.

888 Casino Blog provides readers with game reviews, breaking news on the industry, and gambling experiences. The LeoVegas Blog advises players on the latest games online and current technology trends within iGaming.

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These blogs educate and provide necessary tips that will enhance your playing skills and make you adapt easily to incoming fashions.

iGaming Communities and Forums

Numerous online communities and forums focus exclusively on iGaming. These platforms allow you to interact with people sharing the same passion as you, share information, and review the industry.

Some examples include r/gambling and r/onlinegambling – active communities on Reddit where news is shared by users.

CasinoMeister has threads discussing different aspects of iGaming, like new game releases, winning strategies, and recent developments in the sector. TwoPlusTwo has discussions on literally everything related to gambling, including strategy tips for particular games. That can help you keep up-to-date on changes taking place within online casinos.

These forums frequently contain threads where users test new games and write down personal reviews, allowing you to know what’s popular at any given time and what might be worth playing – and they’ll definitely tell you if something isn’t worth playing.

Regularly engaging in these communities also helps establish contacts with other passionate players who guide you whenever you need it. You can pretty much guarantee a response on the same day with most of these forums.

For example, when picking a new casino, it’s necessary to choose between one that suits your playing, payout, and gaming setup preferences. You best believe the iGaming community will have a big opinion on that.

Follow Industry Influencers on Social Media

Staying informed with the latest news in the iGaming industry has been made easier by social media.

On platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, several industry influencers and professionals post updates, insights, and analyses. We’d say it’s sometimes easier to stay relevant with social media because we’re always on it. And if you follow the best accounts, you’ll always have recent information.

Twitter is one of the best social media platforms to follow as it provides regular updates, mainly through accounts like @iGamingBusiness and @GamblingInsider, which provide frequent news updates. If you don’t want to visit their websites like we mentioned above, you can always look at their Twitter.

Or, on LinkedIn, many groups and pages are dedicated to iGaming, where experts share reports, articles, and opinions.

Attend iGaming Conferences and Webinars

Another way to stay informed about the latest iGaming news is by attending conferences or webinars. These events bring together leading players in this industry and experts to discuss current trends and create a valuable networking event.

Some of these conferences include ICE London or Global Gaming Expo (G2E), which cover everything related to the iGaming sector, including keynote speeches, panel discussions, and exhibitors’ showcases.

Webinars offer a convenient way of getting relevant information from professionals without travelling long distances. Most websites publishing news about iGaming conduct webinars regularly covering topics like regulatory changes, technological advancements, and more.

What would be your preferred way of keeping up to date with the latest iGaming news? All the channels above should give you all the information you need to stay relevant with iGaming. It’ll be exciting to see what gaming trends appear in the latest gaming news.

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