The gambling industry is thriving in the modern days, with more and more casinos setting up. Back in the day, this industry was not as massive and influential as it is now. With the introduction of the internet, online casinos such as have been on the rise. Many people seem to enjoy gambling more than in the ancient days. In 2020, the gambling industry held a market size of an astounding $465 billion.

That value will most likely go higher in the future with technology getting better and simplified. With better and enhanced platforms, you can expect casinos to be welcoming even more players day in day out. But what does the future hold for gamblers? How will the future of gambling look?

  • More Strict Regulations on Advertising

Both offline and online advertising have different rules. When it comes to online advertising, you may easily get lost since there are few affiliate marketers’ regulations. Most of the stress is on the operator. There is still a gap in the rules for those who market the gambling industry.

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In Europe, for example, online casinos have a hard time advertising since they face increasing restrictions on the safety precautions for their players while trying to make progress as a business. In the future, you expect the advertising regulations to be stricter on gambling advertisers and casino operators.

  • Broader In-Play Betting

Online gambling has grown tremendously over the last ten years. Experts predict that it will only improve in the future with more improvements in technology. Sports betting via different online platforms is categorically among the most significant betting platforms worldwide. In-play betting is also referred to as live betting.

That is where you place bets on live events as they happen in real-time. It is like putting a bet on a football match in the 22nd minute or during halftime. Most online casinos and companies have incorporated this feature, but it is expected to become more significant in the future. It will cover almost all the sports available on the planet.

  • Cryptocurrency Gambling

Cryptocurrency gambling has not yet been picked as a sport, but the market has great potential. With more and more people interested in cryptocurrency, you can only expect crypto gambling to become more popular. Several online casinos and betting companies now accept cryptocurrency transactions. Many players agree that cryptocurrencies will be a big deal in the future, and online gambling firms will also incorporate the currency. Some gambling sites only accept cryptocurrency users.

  • Wearable Gambling

When online gambling started back in the days, many assumed it would die off after just a few years. However, with the creation of smartphones and the growth of the internet, most online businesses shifted to the mobile market. Today mobile market holds a significant portion of the gambling industry.

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Currently, when someone mentions mobile, we immediately think of smartphones, but things are changing rapidly. Wearables are being manufactured, such as smartwatches, and some betting companies accept bets placed on such wearables. The trend may not be significant now, but it seems to be the future of gambling.

  • Expansion of Mobile Gambling

Today, commuting gambling is accessible to almost everyone as long as you are of legal age. Most betting sites will have bingo and slot machines for women. A good majority of men engage in daily betting activities as they follow their favorite sports league. Experts believe that the handiness and accessibility of mobile devices as far as gambling is concerned is not yet to its full potential.

Once operators know how to tap these handheld devices fully, more and more players will engage in gambling. The market is yet to reach its maximum potential.

  • Esports Betting

Many players are not yet familiar with this gambling trend, but statistics show that eSports gambling surpassed over US$14 billion in betting operators. Now factor in the fact that this Esports league is not as famous as the professional sports leagues and see the potential this league has. Although it may not be as popular as conventional sports such as Hockey, Rugby, or Football, this esports have a wide fan base.

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There are some big-league games such as Call of Duty: Warzone, Fortnite, League of Legends, and many others with a rapidly growing fanbase.

  • I-Slots

These are slots engineered for use in online casinos. It is becoming more popular, just like a slot game. I-slot means the interactive slot is available in several online casinos and gives avid layers a new slot game. Every game mix adventures alongside regular slot spins. There is no significant difference between the I-slot and the classic slot machines you will find in physical casinos.

This game may give you the same experience as a slot machine in a land-based casino, but you will do it at the comfort of your couch. This is among the trends in the future of gambling.


Gambling will change in the future, and these are the most likely trends to look out for. With the change in technology and the mobile world, you expect these changes to come even sooner than you may think.


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