Csouthwick - Www - Sportography - 200124-01139
Charlie Southwick. Photos: Ian Groves/Sportography


WightlinkwarriorslogoThere was plenty of track action to warm the cockles at the Smallbrook Stadium on Saturday as the Wightlink Warriors Shale Track Racing Club staged their 2nd Winter Warmer event.

With no less than 44 heats of various motorcycle racing, it was time to blow away those Christmas cobwebs and New Year hangovers.

The day started with 10 heats of youth speedway racing on smaller machines with Charlie Southwick winning 4 of his 5 heats in style, and only a fall in his 1st race prevented him going through the card unbeaten – his pass of the fast-improving Jack Scully-Syer in their second heat looking spectacular and daring.

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It was then the turn of the GT140s to show their stuff. With 8 qualifying heats leading to an A and B final, Wayne Broadhurst and Ian Clark led the way, but with 8 rider races, they didn’t have things all their own way, with Steve Newsham and Keith Gwillam amongst others pushing them hard as they weaved their way through the field.

Cwirtzfeld - Www - Sportography - 200124-01592
Chad Wirtzfeld. Photos: Ian Groves/Sportography

The final was won by Broadhurst after a great tussle with Clark, who was caught up in traffic early in the final, Gwillam snatching 3rd by a whisker from Wayne Broadhurst’s son Max.

In the flat track event, it was Chris Pugh who came out on top winning the 8-lap final comfortably from Brad Hardman. Once again, plenty of passing to keep the fans occupied.

Wbroadhurst - Www - Sportography - 200124-01784
Wayne Broadhurst

In the 4-valve Upright speedway, it was Dave Hammond who went to the final unbeaten and he made no mistake in that either with Andy Hickman picking up 2nd place on the line from John Freeman.

The 2-valve speedway saw Martyn Stacy through to the final with only a tumble on bend 4 in the 3rd heat when trying a spectacular outside pass stopping him from being unbeaten. Stacy made no mistake in the final, beating Giles Dismore with Rob Snow taking third.

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Dhammond - Www - Sportography - 200124-02800
Dave Hammond

In the senior 500cc Speedway training event, it was Chad Wirtzfeld who has recently signed for the famous Belle Vue Manchester team, who went through the card with Eli Meadows taking 2nd from Jamie Sealey, home favourite Morgan Williams falling with making an early challenge having his hopes dashed.

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