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Goddards Brewery have announced that they are adding a gluten-free and vegan friendly lager to their range.

‘Planet’ has been created by brewer Josh Davies, ensuring a clean and crisp lager with a smooth bitterness. It is not only gluten-free but vegan friendly too.

For the beer connoisseurs out there, the team at Goddards say Planet sits between a pilsner and a Vienna lager.

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Josh says:

“It was great to be let loose to spend the last 7 months experimenting with this new rogue brew from Goddards. Trying new ingredients, brewing methods old and new, to create this refreshing flavoursome lager.”

Xavier Baker, Managing Director at Goddards Brewery, adds:

“Moving in to our 26th year of operation we have decided to diversify our range by bringing to you our new lager, Planet.

“As much as our new lager is unique in our range, we still wanted to maintain a link to our Island born and brewed status, hence the name Planet was born. Where possible we will use planet barley grown on the Isle of Wight.

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“You may be wondering why gluten free and why vegan friendly. We have been inundated with requests to bring you something that fits this criteria, and Planet lager has been the perfect way to do this and fill the gap that there has been within our range.”


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Nigel shore

Vegan friendly ??. No, you’ve got me on that one. Explanation please.

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