The gambling industry, and its online version, have experienced massive growth in popularity over the last few years. There are currently 32 countries that allow online gambling with a local license, such as the UK and a further 32 prohibit local operators without licenses but allow off-shore sites to operate. Additionally, 28 countries prohibit and block online gambling operators but allow international providers free reign, as is the case in New Zealand, with a whopping 93 countries not prohibiting online casinos or licensing them. New Zealand and the UK are world’s apart, both physically since there is about 18,300 km between them, and in circumstance.

Which is what makes the similarity in mindset, and gaming needs, between these two nations so unusual when choosing an online casino.


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As previously stated, New Zealanders are prohibited from making use of most local online casino operators while the UK requires a local license for an online establishment to be legitimate. Although the legislature in these two countries is completely different, it does not mean that players from New Zealand accept sub-par security. Both Brits and Kiwis are sticklers for safety and will only sign up to an online casino that holds a license from a reputable authority body like the UK Gambling Commission. Considering that the UK has produced some of the best, and most professional, online casinos in the world, it stands to reason that Kiwis are likely to opt for one of these providers as opposed to the numerous other options available to them. Brits, on the other hand, prefer to place their wagers at online casinos that operate within the law.

Gaming Selection

This aspect is likely true for gamblers all over the world, but distinct research has shown that Kiwis and Brits are of the two most unlikely nations to sign up for an online casino with limited gaming choices. This is due to the land-based casino industries in both regions that boast a large range of games. Players from these countries have developed a standard and a penchant for experiencing new things while playing. They’re also more likely to take gaming risks since they are using reputable casino sites. As a whole, the gaming selection of the preferred online locations for New Zealanders and Brits reflects this.


The quality of the games and offerings naturally ties in with the first two points. Brits and Kiwis both look for the best quality when choosing an online casino. The top real money casinos from both regions share one important aspect: reputable developers. There are many big names in the online casino industry today that have become well-known for not only offering superior gaming graphics and seamless play but also ensuring that their games are regulated appropriately. The big names that players look for often audit their games to ensure that the integrity of their companies, the players, and the operators are never in question

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Customer Service

Brits are known globally for having the highest standards when it comes to customer service. It might come as a surprise, but Kiwis are much the same. These two types of players are more likely to complain if the customer service received at an online casino does not meet their standards. In addition, Kiwis and Brits like their service to be as quick as possible. The most preferred online casinos across these two nations are the ones that include livechat, email, and in some cases, telephonic support. The notion that customer services could take hours to respond to a query or fix an issue is abhorrent to both kinds of players. This means that gamblers will do some research on the level of service received before they opt-in to any online memberships.


Lastly, Kiwis and Brits are likely to go with online establishments that have an exemplary reputation for timeous payments with the least amount of complaints or customer effort. Varied payment options are not a bad thing either as it makes the entire process that much more convenient. If a casino can offer a significant number of online payment methods whilst ensuring that payments are done as soon as possible, with as few mishaps as possible, Kiwis and Brits will be all for signing up and enjoying the great rewards in store.

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