The world around us is changing, not only fundamentally but rapidly too. Now, more than ever before, we’re seeing a shift in our ‘normal’, from an existence that has pervaded for centuries through to an increasingly abstract form of living.

This is, primarily, because of the continual slew of technological developments that we’ve seen in the last two decades, most pertinent among them the increasing reliance on the internet and the advent of smartphones.

The result is that we live our lives increasingly through screens. For better or worse, we’re disconnecting from the physical world around us and finding that we can achieve more than we ever thought possible from the comfort of our own homes.

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Here are just a few of the ways that this unprecedented trend is changing our way of life on the Isle of Wight.

Land and property auctions

If there’s one thing it might seem pertinent to do in person, it’s purchasing a property. In the past, this has usually consisted of a physical viewing, but with online land and property auctions increasingly becoming the norm, it’s no longer necessary to step out of your house before buying your newest fixer-upper or future home. The Clive Emson Hampshire and Isle of Wight auction, scheduled to take place on the 20th June, is a prime example, giving residents an opportunity to buy in the area without stepping outside.


As well as allowing you to buy a new home, our increasingly online world also opens the door to a new education and/or career path for those who desire to improve their prospects. Indeed, institutions like the Open University are now well established for those who wish to give internet learning a try, with materials available online, live-streamed lessons and lectures, and no need to ever step foot outside your door in order to get your degree.


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Enjoyment, also, is within the remit of our online world. The video gaming industry is largely dependent on online-compatible, first-person games, which allow a sense of interactivity and engagement without having to meet anyone in person. The same is also true of the online casino sector – in particular, live casino – which manages to successfully emulate a land-based atmosphere, down to the addition of dealers and players, and yet exists purely online. This means it’s possible to play games like bingo from the comfort of your home, and even to win bona fide cash prizes solely through your computer screen.

Music festivals

Even live music can be experienced without leaving our homes. The Isle of Wight has a number of upcoming events that will be available via live stream in the coming months, from the Why Don’t We Virtual Concert through to The Show Must Go On! The Afro-Peruvian Sextet’s Livestreaming Experience. With something to cater to almost every genre and taste, there’s plenty to entertain you from inside your front door, with Eventbrite proving a useful resource for checking out what online festivals and/or music sessions are taking place in the local area.

Live streaming is undoubtedly an invaluable medium for anyone who wishes to enjoy the world without necessarily actively participating. A perfect complement for those days when you don’t want to get out of your pyjamas, it makes it possible to stay more connected and able to access what we enjoy than ever before – even when we’re staying indoors. To us, that can only be a force for good.

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