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A yellow weather warning for fog across the Isle of Wight tonight and into Tuesday morning has been issued by IW Met Service.

Forecasters say that fog patches will develop in low lying rural parts of the Island throughout this evening, becoming more widespread and locally dense as the night goes on.

As the temperature drops to below 0c in more rural parts, some of the fog will become ‘freezing fog’ –  fog freezing upon contact with surfaces, leading to larger deposits of ice than would otherwise develop outside of the foggy areas.

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The warning is in force from 20:00 tonight until 11:00 tomorrow.

Disruption to travel is possible, especially where freezing fog develops. These areas could see slippery conditions on untreated roads and pavements. Cross-Solent travel may also be affected by the fog, especially in more central and western parts of the Solent.

Fog will lift and clear as Tuesday morning progresses.

Island Roads are gritting the road network from 20:00 tonight, as previously reported by Island Echo.

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Az-zahra Aziz

Slow down, lights on, including fog lights, and beep horn at every junction if in doubt. Clean windows and mirrors. That, or do as I do, don’t get up till mid day.


Only use fog lights if it is FOGGY. The clue is in the name. Ridiculous the amount of drivers on this island that believe that a light drizzle is enough for fog lights to be used.

Island Fool

A lot of modern cars have lights that look like and act like fog lights but are not. But yes, agree, used too much to look ‘cool’.


Actually all of the latest ‘modern’ cars have to have “Daytime Running Lights”. they’re not there to ‘look cool’ they are required by law

Please stop

A-Z A – Please stop commenting on these island forums. Nobody wants to hear your bigoted rhetoric.

Did you know you can post comments on the Sun’s website. Might be more of a likeminded audience for you, not here..

Clare Steen

It’s very tiresome listening to far left bigoted snowflakes like you telling people what, and can’t say, why don’t you practice what you spout and go comment in the Guardian lefty rag, I’m sure it’s full of lefty snowflakes like you.

Please stop

So you do use other aliases. Oh dear 🙁

Az-zahra Aziz

Even a ‘gender change’ if your odd assumption ‘is’ to be believed, fortunately YOU are wrong, again. Go for the hattrick. Should be easy if your really are as much of a pompous twit as you appear.

Clare Steen

Not sure what you mean with this comment, please explain?..

Az-zahra Aziz

Ah, so only what suits your mindset may be posted.

Very democratic. I bet I know how YOU voted.

I suggest it would be best for you to just not read any posts by me, as the old adage ‘The truth hurts’ still rings true.

Please stop

You don’t know how I voted and I’m not left.

Best you keep your opinions to yourself and don’t preach hatred in these forums.

People aren’t giving your comments 100+ thumbs down because they don’t believe the truth.
It’s because your comments are unnecessary, cruel, unsympathetic and very mean.

Don't tell him pike.


Clare Steen

What’s don’t tell him Pike supposed to mean? Are you you being insulting to Millions of lost souls that laid down their lives so you can spout your ungrateful rhetoric?…


Warning, the sun will be out tomorrow, wear sunglasses and make sure your eyes are open when driving.

Emma b

Grow up. You are all so childish. Every time I read through people’s comments, it’s the same group of people just being mean, negative and just plain idiots. Bore off. X

Clare Steen

Well said….

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