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The Isle of Wight Council has confirmed changes to its free parking offer for key workers.

The council will continue to provide free parking to all NHS staff, health and social care workers and NHS volunteer responders assisting with the coronavirus crisis.

However, from Monday 13th July, it is no longer possible to provide free parking to other key workers who previously benefited from the concession.

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Councillor Ian Ward, Cabinet member for transport and infrastructure, said:

“The council has been providing free parking for NHS and all other key workers over the last few months to help with the response to the pandemic.

“This was extended last month and continued to support a wider definition of key workers while they are providing essential services to Islanders.

“However, as lockdown measures are relaxed, it is no longer possible to continue providing free parking for all.

“I must thank and pay tribute to all our key workers who have made a significant difference during lockdown, playing a vital role in the protection of our community and helping to contain the spread of the virus.”

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Free parking will continue for the following groups:

• NHS/CCG staff — display the new government NHS permits.
• Health and social care workers — display the new government NHS permits.
• NHS volunteer responders — display a letter stating volunteer status, organisation and registration.

All staff making use of the scheme while working, need to provide evidence in their vehicle to prove their eligibility.

Those eligible for free parking can make use of any of the council’s off-street car parks and on-street bays.

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a whole host of different sectors provide support to the NHS – transport workers, supply chain, shops, electric, gas etc and they aren’t being given free parking.
Once again, lower paid peoples contribution to society means nothing, whereas the NHS staff are expecting the waves to be parted and a red carpet rolled out and for what – doing the jobs that they volunteered to do and chose to do, of their own free will.
clearly some key workers are more equal than others.


You are right, i wish it would just go back to normal. There is, and always has been, well im talking about most local authorities, a Healthcare Permit. Often free, or minimal charge, to use when parking, on street, in bays and on some yellow lines, but not usually in car parks. For the use of Healthcare workers, thats carers, doctors, midwives etc doing their job and not just limited to NHS Staff so,back to normal please?


Does that include G.Ps because they’re not even working! Same with most of St Mary’s departments still not all open. How come you can go to the pub, have your hair cut with hairdresser stood right next to you but you can’t get a doctor’s appointment sitting more than 2 metres away if necessary with facemasks on, what makes them so special ? Supermarket workers etc face people everyday but doctors won’t, it’s disgusting, how many people are going to get missed diagnosis ???


Because they are very important people. Who cares about everyone else

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