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National hotel chain Premier Inn has launched an interactive map that reveals the all the best places to find fossils up and down the UK, thanks to the help of the Isle of Wight’s very own Martin Simpson.

In a bid to encourage young scientists to discover the prehistoric past of the UK, Premier Inn has teamed up with fossil expert Martin ‘The Fossil Man’ Simpson to plot all the best spots where you’re likely to find a range of fossils from as far back as the Jurassic, Cretaceous and Carboniferous periods.

The UK is lucky enough to be home to almost every geological formation, dating back as far as 600 million years, so it’s the perfect place to discover an amazing variety of fossils.

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Whether you’re looking to discover the closest fossil spot to you, or planning a fossil-finding trip this summer, the map can be used to help pin-point the places you’re most likely to find a range of fascinating specimens such as ammonites, brachiopods or even dinosaur bones. 41 spots have been plotted in total, in England, Wales and Scotland, so you can easily find the best fossil-finding spot for you.

Premier Inn says:

“We always want to encourage people to explore all the that the UK has to offer, and with such a rich geological history we hope that the interactive map will make planning a fossil-finding trip easier. With the summer holidays approaching, it’s a great reason to visit places you may not have been to before and discover the animals and creatures that lived here millions of years ago”.

Fossil expert, Martin Simpson, has also revealed his top 10 fossil-finding spots for budding palaeontologists along with his top tips for how to spot fossils and a handy glossary of key fossil terms. The Isle of Wight features, twice!

Top 10 Fossil-Finding Spots in the United Kingdom

1 – Lyme Regis, Dorset – most famous fossil-finding spot
2 – Compton Bay, Isle Of Wight – best for dinosaur fans
3 – Atherfield, Isle Of Wight – a hidden fossil-finding gem
4 – Whitby, Yorkshire – best for ammonites
5 – Warden Point, Isle of Sheppey –best for sharks’ teeth
6 – Barton, Hampshire – best for fossils of sea snails
7 – Folkestone, Kent – best for a range of ammonite
8 – Walton-on-the-Naze, Essex – great for families
9 – Speeton, Yorkshire – famous for the Speeton ‘shrimp’
10 – Castleton, Derbyshire – best non-coastal location

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Find the map and expert fossil-finding advice here:

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