The Environment Agency has issued a flood alert for the Eastern Yar and its tributaries, running from Whitwell to Bembridge.

25mm of rain was recorded at Knighton yesterday (Monday) with further rain expected late on Wednesday and into Thursday.

Water levels in the Eastern Yar remain high but are now slowly falling. However, at Langbridge and Alverstone, water will still be close to the top of the river bank. Some ponded water will continue to affect low lying land.

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The river is expected to have some time to recover before the next band of rain, with levels set to reduce by 0.5m before Wednesday evening.

Locals are being told to expect the river to be higher than normal over the next few days, with road flooding possible at Sandown.

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Az-zahra Aziz
Az-zahra Aziz
1 year ago

Wait until acres of once soft loam soil gets covered in concrete, tarmac and bricks, housing mainland overspill in Ryde. THEN see what happens to the flood defences, oh-so-timely but in place before the council granted permission for the massive building ruination of Ryde.

Anyone would think they already KNEW that permission were to be granted as ‘flooding’ was the ONLY fly in the ointment.

THINK, then vote next time

West Wighter
West Wighter
Reply to  Az-zahra Aziz
1 year ago

You need to get a job mate!!
And stop sponging of the state!

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