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Dashcam footage has recorded the moment a car, thought to have been pursued by Police, nearly wiped out a Ford Fiesta at the Yarbridge crossroads in Brading this morning (Tuesday).

At 11:50, the Nissan was travelling off of Brading Downs and failed to stop at a red light at Yarbridge. The vehicle travelled across the busy crossroads at significant speed, narrowly missing a Fiesta travelling from Sandown to Ryde.

The quick reactions of the Fiesta driver no doubt stopped a serious collision from occurring.

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The Nissan, which is understood to have been pursued by an unmarked Police car, continued up Marshscombe Shute towards Yaverland. The 4×4-style vehicle does not appear to have any MOT, tax or insurance.

Occupants of the Fiesta are said to be shaken but otherwise uninjured.

The shocking moment was caught on camera and shared to Facebook by Cathy Skinner from Sandown, whose grandad witnessed the whole situation before his eyes.

A spokesperson from Hampshire Constabulary has said:

“Police attempted to stop the vehicle on Morton Road, Sandown, at approximately 11.50 this morning (12 May).

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“The vehicle made off from police and there was a pursuit, however the vehicle evaded officers and was lost.”

UPDATE – Police are appealing for help in locating the vehicle. Read more at

UPDATE TUESDAY 19TH MAY – Police have arrested a 17-year-old boy on suspision of dangerious driving. Read more at

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Boris Sense

Gee whiz, a very close shave, again glad no-one was injured. Bit of a co-incidence two days in a row. Especially if these dead-legs are boasting on social media, as was mentioned in a post yesterday.


One word idiot is appropriate!


The driver is beyond an idiot, the driver is a death trap, someone knows who this lump of excrement is, and should let the police know who it is, “immediately” before it’s too late.


Have the boys in blue tried to get reg from photo?


They were supposedly chasing it. They know the car details it had no insurance tax or mot. Hope they catch the moron.

Black rat

They donot chase they pursue and yesi hope this pondlife is found.

Always right

A total f…ing idiot….could have easily killed somebody….I hope they catch the scum and through the book at him literally…..somebody knows him do the right thing and grass him up before he does kill somebody….twat


How the hell did the police loose them , especially in their fast unmarked car

Black rat

If the driver who is being pursued is deemed to be driving in such a way that it is a danger to the public which in this case clearly it was, it is safer to stop the puruit rather than continue with possible dier circumstances


What is it worh these pricks, I had a near miss on the down the other day too, I was driving along downs fro the hare and hounds towards sandown, and not long after turning onto the downs road a red Honda civic, over took me whilst two other vehicles were coming the other way, and he ONLY JUST got by, it shook me up that much I pulled over to ring my wife and calm myself! , the whole thing happened so quick I couldn’t get his number plate!. I’m so glad no one was hurt at yarbridge yest,… Read more »

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