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Police on the Isle of Wight are appealing for help in locating the whereabouts of a vehicle that evaded officers during a pursuit this morning (Tuesday).

The silver/grey Nissan Murano – registration T60 BAP – was involved in several incidents in and around the Brading area shortly before midday, including nearly wiping out a Ford Fiesta at Yarbridge.

In an attempt to stop the vehicle, specially trained officers pursued the 4×4 but unfortunately lost the suspect and the chase was called off.

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Officers urgently need to locate this vehicle. It recently changed ownership.

If you have seen this car and can tell Police where it is this evening then call 101 and quote 44200168057.

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Too right that car was for sale on wightbay last week….

Piers Moron

It’s a shame the Fiesta didn’t keep driving and wipe out the Nissan’s backend.


Not a good idea, looking at the video it could have ended with death of the innocent driver,.

I personally think the police will get their lump of excrument sooner or later, however those that know the driver should let the police know who this mainiac is before it’s too late…

Boris Sense

Another police chase in Ryde this evening (heard but didn’t see). Wait for Darren’s story.


Society is breaking down, law and order is at breaking point. Best stay in, or risk getting maimed on the road, and then if taken into hospital risking catching CV. The wild west has returned the police can’t cope.

Piers Moron

Grow up

Original Mark

Police chases are nothing new to the point that they were common enough to be barely newsworthy before this crisis.

Bobo 42

Stop scaremongering you won’t catch the virus in hospital. People are staying away from the hospital because people scare them and are seriously ill by the time the medics get them there. I know of 2 personally so STOP


The car has been recovered by the police in Bembridge this evening.

Martin (Ryde)

Oh no! The beige corduroy jacket and blue chino brigade won’t like that one bit…

Your wrong

How do you know it’s a “chav” or is that just a stereotype???

Will Storey

I guess Garry Fry needed a new motor after the Police confiscated his Polo in Wootton…


Who is Gary fry


Get your facts right. It was Nathan Shaw


No mate the worst is Chris cornfield a primedrive at Shalfleet
Wouldn’t trust that con artist with a wheelbarrow!!

Jo Bainbridge

I have bought four used of cars of Chris Cornfield over the years and have had absolutely no problem with any of them and his after sales service has been exemplary.



Justice is needed.

We need a review of sentencing options for the few senseless arrogant and defiant morons who think the law doesn’t apply to them. They need much more punitive sentences or they will never conform. This idiot was a second away from a serious accident. I have no doubt they have no regrets and are unlikely to have the intelligence to have learned anything from this incident. Let’s hope justice is done but I am not holding my breath. The police have a thankless job dealing with these yobs and must be frustrated when they are not punished sufficiently when brought… Read more »

Martin (Ryde)

I wouldn’t buy a tin of baked beans from that place .. Not only would would it cost double its normal price but the bottom would probably fall out..
Once bitten twice shy..

Lorraine Murton

Scum bags putting everyone in danger ….


If you call someone a crook/thief/cheat/scammer and name them, you risk being sued for libel if you cannot substantiate your assertion with proof. That’s the law of the land. I’m waiting for my proof and I’ll be naming and shaming someone big time….


I’ve got all the proof I need. Not only is he a crook, but he’s a bully to women. Vile man and rip off merchant


clearly ‘chris’ is a very bitter man who wishes he was more successful in business, and is jealous of successful businesses, very very pathetic comments against an island company. Very childish


Not at all Jeff. I’m very happily retired and comfortable. I just don’t like seeing my wife treated like dirt and being ripped off of my hard earned money by someone masquerading as a respectable businessman.

Dystopian World

Freedom of Speech is just Ilussion.. Many of my comments been deleted on here.. My bf worked there and It’s true They are shit Island Car Centre….


Think you should get your facts right before naming garages that have nothing to do with Connor Mitchell as one of these belonged to my late uncle, hey jeff

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