Living by the beach all year round is nice and well, till the weather gets too uncomfortable to enjoy it. When you want to get away from rain, wind and mainland tourists, you should look towards Spain. It offers beautiful islands full of nature, mountains, history, and good food. The Balearic Island Majorca is one of its prime holiday destinations.

Here’s what you need to know about what the island has to offer.

From Culture to Sangria

One thing that makes a trip to Majorca so alluring: the kind of holiday you get is entirely up to which part of the island you pick for your destination. There are genuine little fishing villages or tourist hubs with all the amenities you could ask for. You can enjoy the culture and nature of the island with its mountains, caves, beaches, and bays. You can also plan a trip to famous party locations like Palma de Majorca, where tourists never sleep and drink sangria all day with straws from buckets (at least before COVID-19 they did).

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If you are looking for the perfect holiday letting, www.holidu.co.uk/holiday-lettings/spain/majorca lists the available lodging with the ability to filter your searches according to your needs. Whether you need a simple shelter for 10 people or a place that allows you to bring your pets, you’ll find what you need.

The North

The northern part of Majorca is full of vast beaches and mountains and littered with small historic towns.

  • Alcúdia is the oldest Balearic city. It has a labyrinth of old town roads and medieval city walls.
  • The Port de Alcúdia offers beautiful white beaches and is a hotspot for water sport enthusiasts.
  • Along the coast, the Platja de Muro is a family beach that goes on for miles and is accompanied by the most beautiful turquoise water.
  • The small country town Muro is a typical Spanish town with lots of history, mills, and orange trees.
  • The Serra de Tramuntana is the local mountain range. Part of it is the Puig de Massanella, the highest spot on the island. It reaches 1,365 m. For tourists who want to climb the mountain, some tours start from the Santuari de Lluc in Escorca.

The north’s nature and charming pedestrian areas are perfect for families who want to explore the island hiking or biking and spend their time on beautiful beaches.

The East

The east of Majorca is still a quiet part of the island when it comes to tourism. The area called Levante is full of traditional fishing villages, vineyards, and authentic Majorca atmosphere.

  • The bay Cala Mesquida is surrounded by mountains and a popular spot for surfers.
  • The Cuevas del Drac is a system of stalactite caves with a horizontal extension of about 1,200 meters and a maximum depth of 25 m below ground level. It is partially filled with the underground Lake Martel, one of the largest underground lakes in the world. Usually, the trip there includes a boat ride over the lake but check beforehand because the pandemic might not allow them to offer these at the time.

The Southwest

The southwest of the island is influenced by being so close to the airport and capital. The infrastructure and leisure activities offered here make it a popular travel destiny.

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  • The city Andratx, as the name might hint to, is of Roman origin. Today it is home to many luxurious mansions, art galleries, the marinas Port de Portals, and Port Adriano, which are filled with glamorous yards.
  • The city Palmanova is made to accommodate tourists and does its best to offer activities for every age.
  • The same goes for Santa Ponca with its many bars and restaurants and access to beaches with still, clear water.

Conclusion – The Perfect Holiday in Majorca

Spain has a lot to offer, so does the Balearic Island Majorca. Whether you want to lay back and relax, be entertained, or climb a mountain — you’ll find everything you need when you choose your holiday destination. Keep in mind that there might be travel restrictions from the UK to Spain and from mainland Spain to the islands. At this time, you either must be fully vaccinated, be recovering from COVID-19, or take a test to show you are healthy if you want to travel to Majorca.

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