IMG_7442With the weather on their side, Round 9  of the Isle of Wight Car Club’s Championship saw an epic battle commence between competitiors.

The old classic Mini Cars of Dave Dutch, John Dutch, Chris Greenen, Andy Greenen, Kevin Richardson, Adam Greenen and Steve Brett battled it out with Ryan Munt in his Locost, Dan Morgan in his Sub Zero and Darren Taylor in his Mazda 323 all thrown into the top ten mix.

It was an unusual result for the sealed surfaced round as seven out of the top ten cars were all Minis.

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Once again Dave Dutch was setting the pace for the rest to follow and follow they did with John Dutch, Chris Greenen, Ryan Munt, Dan Morgan, Andy Greenen and Kevin Richardson were pushing hard to keep in touch of Dave and were the only ones to get under the one minute barrier.

John and Chris thought this time they may actually catch Dave but Dave had other plans and set an untouchable time of 56.72 seconds, leaving John 1.24 seconds behind him in second place and Chris 1.51 seconds behind Dave in third place

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