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dementiastrategyIsland residents are being offered the chance to join health and social care professionals at an event, The Dementia Pathway Review, to help improve life for those living with dementia on the Island.

The event, which will take place at Newclose Cricket Ground, Newport on Tuesday 25th November from 13:00 – 14:30, will enable those taking part to share their views on current services and help improve services for those living with dementia.

It is the aspiration of the Isle of Wight Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and My Life A Full Life Programme for the Island to become dementia friendly, allowing people to live well with dementia on the Isle of Wight. The aim is for the Isle of Wight to be a place where communities encourage people with dementia and their carers to seek help and feel supported to go about their daily lives safely and free from stigma; where people are empowered to have high aspirations and have the confidence to participate in meaningful activities; and a place where people and their carers receive high quality compassionate care, whether at home, in hospital, or in a care home.

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The Dementia Pathway Review is part of The ‘Living Well With Dementia on The Isle of Wight Strategy’ which is the Island’s joint response on what, as partners, the Isle of Wight CCG, Hampshire Constabulary, Isle of Wight Council (including social care and public health) and Isle of Wight NHS Trust need to do to make sure that people live well with dementia by:

  • Ensuring people receive a timely diagnosis
  • People and their carers have access to appropriate post diagnostic treatment and support
  • Creating dementia friendly communities where people with dementia and their carers are encouraged to seek help and support and feel able to go about their daily lives safely and free from stigma

The following priority areas for action were identified and agreed as part of the engagement for this strategy:

  • Dementia friendly communities that contribute to greater awareness of dementia and reduce stigma
  • Timely accurate diagnosis of dementia
  • Better post diagnostic support for people with dementia and their families
  • People with dementia, their families and carers being involved in the care planning of their illness throughout the journey
  • More people with dementia living a good quality of life at home for longer
  • People with dementia in hospitals or other care settings have improved quality of care and be treated with dignity and respect

The Isle of Wight CCG consulted widely on the development of the ‘Living Well with Dementia on the Isle of Wight’ strategy to ensure the views and health needs of the Island population and stakeholder organisations are reflected . Consultation has been in two phases and a full report of the consultation can be found in Appendix Six of the Strategy http://www.isleofwightccg.nhs.uk/our-priorities/commissioning-strategy/our-commissionin-departments/mental-health.htm

The strategy spans five years, with a two year action plan that will be reviewed annually. The action plan will be reported to the Dementia Steering Group.

Dr Michelle Legg, the Clinical Lead for Dementia on the Island said:

“Dementia is becoming the UK’s largest health and social care challenge. It is likely, at some point in our lifetime, that it will impact us directly or through a family member or close friend. There are one thousand, seven hundred and seventy seven people living with dementia on the Isle of Wight that we know of, and due to our ageing population, this is predicted to increase by twenty three percent over the next ten years.

Diagnosis of dementia is the gateway to making informed personal choices, providing access to a range of post diagnostic support and services, ensuring people live well with dementia and delaying the need for more intensive packages of care.

By raising awareness of dementia, ensuring people have a timely diagnosis and appropriate post diagnostic treatment and support and by creating dementia friendly communities on the Island we can support people to live well with dementia on the Isle of Wight.”


Anyone who would like to register to attend the dementia pathway review are asked to register at: https://iowdementiapathwayreview.eventbrite.co.uk

Further information about the Dementia Pathway Review can be obtained from the Isle of Wight Clinical Commissioning Group on 01983 822099 ext 5457.

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