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Glenn Bryan Davies, a highly intelligent 21-year-old who had been accepted into Oxford University, committed suicide at his home in Cowes after ingesting a euthanasia drug which he had purchased online, an inquest has today (Thursday) heard.

Mr Davies, who was born in Kingston-upon-Thames, took his own life on the afternoon of 27th April 2016 just hours after losing over £3000 through Binary Trading. In a state of upset he consumed the lethal drug – a central nervous system depressive used for euthanasia of both humans and animals – that he had purchased on 9th April, an action which attracted the attention of the United States Department of Homeland Security.

It was in an upstairs bedroom that family members discovered Glenn unresponsive and slumped on his bed before starting CPR. Mr Davies’ father, Andrew, battled to get upstairs to assist his son despite being disabled – it was the first time he had ventured upstairs in the family home since moving to the Island from Fareham in November 2015.

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Soon after paramedics arrived at the house both family members and emergency personnel started to cough and experience a metallic taste in their mouths. Having seen a substance on the side and a ‘do not disturb’ sign on the door, a decision was taken by the Emergency Care Practitioner on scene to evacuate the property, request further assistance and declare a chemical incident.

The Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Service, Police and additional ambulance resources were called into action. Later a Detection, Identification and Monitoring (DIM) Unit from Winchester was mobilised to help identify the chemical used and whether it posed any further risk. In the hours and days after Mr Davies’ death Police investigators removed a number of containers from the property and also discovered a book about suicide, a book which is banned in Australia.

Today’s inquest in Newport heard how Mr Davies, who had been diagnosed with high-functioning Aspergers Syndrome, was a highly intelligent man with an IQ of around 160. He achieved A* grades in both his GCSEs and A-Levels and had been accepted into Oxford University before dropping out just 3 weeks into a music composition course.

Glenn had a fairly negative view on life, which he said was a curse. He often described the Isle of Wight as the place where ‘progress goes to die’ and had twice tried to take his own life; once in 2011 by ordering and consuming poisonous seeds and again in 2012 by hanging.

The United States Department of Homeland Security was brought into Hampshire Constabulary’s investigation following an alert previously circulated about the supply of such dangerous drugs. DS Lee Torrance of Newport CID told today’s hearing that the US had tracked the supply of the Pentobarbital as coming from either Mexico or China.

The investigations by US officials led to the identification of another young male on the Isle of Wight who had also bought the drug online. Thankfully, Police were able to track down the individual and seize the Class B drug in time, although no charges were brought against the man.

Recording death by suicide, Coroner for the Isle of Wight Caroline Sumeray said:

“Glenn Davies was exceptionally intelligent and gifted academically but he had some real difficulties in life, 1 of those difficulties being on the autistic spectrum”.

Conclusion: Suicide

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