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A row over dress codes was branded as misogyny at last night’s Isle of Wight Council meeting.

During discussions over the revision of Isle of Wight Council’s constitution yesterday (Wednesday), Councillor Reg Barry said he had suggested a dress code for councillors, but believed he was probably the only councillor who did.

He said:

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“Since this council started, and I have been at full council, I have seen people in scruffy jumpers, wearing shorts — it has been an absolute disgrace.”

Cllr Barry pointed out that chair of the meeting, Cllr George Cameron, “took the trouble to get dressed up and put a tie on”, so why didn’t other members?

Responding to the comments, Cllr Stuart Hutchinson, the council’s cabinet member for the COVID-19 response and strategic finances, said it wasn’t a constitutional matter but one for the direction of the chairman, who could ask a member to leave the chamber if they are dressed inappropriately. He said:

“Dress codes depend entirely on the time of year — we all wear ties and jackets but on [the chair’s] discretion have accepted open-neck shirts and more informal attire because of the heat.”

Councillor Clare Mosdell, only 1 of 6 female representatives on the 40-ward council, brought the matter to a close, by calling it a misogynistic conversation.

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She said:

“We are having this great big conversation about whether you lot are going to wear ties — I find that offensive.”

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The cats fleas

A known ploy of the rich, dress themselves down. People then don’t assume they are amassing a fortune of perhaps ill gotten gains.

It would cause more scorn if they arrived in their Saville Row suits and crocodile foot wear.

Vote these greedy, uncaring group of beings OUT at the next given chance.

Bing Bong

Voting them in again to see you gnash your teeth for the next few years 😉

The cats fleas

As IF you wouldn’t have done, regardless of my views.

Yet, clearly such postings bother you, so look forward to such IF people are gullible enough to vote this very dubious group of individuals back in again.

I am sure Mr W will be proud of you.


It is what is inside the clothing which matters most. And that is most unpleasant with most of these selfish councillors.

It would be wise to do as others suggest and ensure when given a vote, one uses such to rid this Island of at least some of its most harmful inhabitants.

Bing Bong

stay mad


“We are having this great big conversation about whether you lot are going to wear ties — I find that offensive.”

Wow, how did she not pull a muscle with that stretch. Really, some old farts discussing if they should wear a tie is ‘offensive’. And how is it misogynistic?

It was a stupid conservation that was wasting time. But offensive and misogynistic??? Incredible bit of mental gymnastics.

Eve Shipman

Unfortunately, some of the misandrists among us consider the wearing of ties to be of phallic significance. However, more to the point is why these people, who have been selected by the voting public to represent them, are bickering about insignificant issues rather than getting on with the governance of the county. They are, without exception, a bunch of imbeciles who couldn’t organise a …. Well, you know the rest.


Exactly. Unless this has been taken totally out of context and she didn’t actually use the term misogynistic then I find her comment offensive. Having the good manners to show respect to your colleagues by dressing appropriately is something that applies to all genders. Male dress codes are more clear cut and rigidly applied so referring to the chairman’s choice to dress tidily and wear a tie was perfectly reasonable. The misandristic way she chose to deliberately twist that example was not and shows a degree of hypocrisy since gender specific norms for clothing only really apply to men. A… Read more »


Dress is not seasonal in this country, yet, Councillors should be in suit with an appropriate shirt and tie. If it does get hot then a half lined suit and silk shirt would be acceptable.
Ladies I’m sure would suitably dressed anyway.

Last edited 5 days ago by JHVF
bored of councillors

Clare is not fit to be on the council if she is offended by other people discussing what they feel they should or should not be considering as appropriate attire to wear. Just because the discussion didn’t include or centre around her, she is offended. Self centered, entitled individual.

Opinions Matter

Let’s get down to the ‘knitty gritty’ and again discuss what is REALLY important here and that does not include councillors dress attire. Wasting money on the Floating ‘mess £1,700,000 and rising, of council tax money, huge building developments to house not just islanders but anyone from around the world who wishes to stay in the UK and the families that have caused so much trouble on the mainland, the mainland councils will pay these idiots in charge here to take these families and house them on the island. These are the facts that really matter, not dress code. VOTE… Read more »

Petite Pots

We can only have the old adage “Divided we fall” comes into play with this greedy self serving council.

Vote them OUT


Cllr Barry – 1950 wants its attitude back. Thanks.
Cllr Clare Mosdell – Grow the F**K up. Thanks.


Casual dress, casual attitude. Seems to ring true with this lot.

Joe Bloggs

Must admit councilors should come properly dressed.


If that’s all the council are concerned about then god help us all. Disgraceful.

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