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medinagymThe Isle of Wight Council’s leisure facilities are now operating new phone numbers to make it easier for customers to contact them. 

Customers will have the choice to either ring a new main number for general enquiries where they can also select which centre they want to contact. Alternatively they can contact individual facilities direct using numbers which are similar to the main number to make it easier to remember.

To ring the main number, customers can contact (01983) 823880 and then listen to the menu and use their keypad to select an option.

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Alternatively, they can contact (01983) 823881 for The Heights, (01983) 823882 for Medina, (01983) 823883 for Westridge, (01983) 823884 for Medina Theatre or (01983) 823885 for enquiries about the One Card membership scheme.

Shirley Smart, Isle of Wight Council Executive member for economy and tourism, said:

“Our leisure facilities are very popular but each have somewhat separate identities and we feel it isn’t entirely clear that they are all council facilities that customers can use. For example, some customers are not aware they can use their One Cards at alternative facilities.

“By setting up the new main phone number and with facilities now using close direct numbers, it helps show they are all run by the council as well as making it easier for customers to remember the contact details.”

The previous numbers for each facility will remain in use until the end of November when they will be replaced with a message advising customers of the new contact details. The old numbers will then be taken out of service from January 2015.

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