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Today is ‘Back British Farming Day’ and Isle of Wight MP Bob Seely is encouraging us all to take part.

There are simple things we can do to support the Back British Farming campaign – coordinated by the NFU – such as buying British produce and enjoying the countryside responsibly.

Bob, who has recently visited Briddlesford Farm and Farmer Jack’s farm shop to learn more about Island produce, has said:

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“Our farmers play a crucial role in feeding the nation and caring for the countryside and we should not take it for granted that they will always be there. It’s a case of looking after the things you love.

“Our economy is under pressure at the moment following the effects of the coronavirus outbreak and we must all turn our attention to what we can do to help.

“In the case of farmers and local food producers the solution is relatively simple – buy local wherever you can.

“On the Island we have some incredibly high-quality fresh produce right on our doorsteps and we should take full advantage of that. You cannot beat locally grown and produced fresh food. It’s good for us, good for the environment and good for our economy.”

IW NFU Chair, Matt Legge, says:

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“The Back British farming campaign is all about looking at what’s available on your own doorstep.

“By sourcing our food locally, not only are we supporting the local economy but we’re also embracing seasonal food, keeping food miles down and helping our farmers to manage the Islands rural environment.”

Andrew Hodgson of Cheverton Farm in Shorwell, adds:

“Buying food from local farms has never been so easy as many of us are now delivering fresh food direct to your door.”

More information about Isle of Wight food and drink producers can be found at

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I hope Mr Legg told our MP in no ‘uncertain’ terms of the folly that is now occurring on the Island with the farce of Island Farmers being paid to grow ‘green crops’ to feed the heavily EU subsidised bio-digester plant at Arreton.   This is fake, and false, as it encourages farmers to grow crops, which to them is easy and cheap as pesticides are not needed nor is paying for a crop to be harvested, as the machine cuts and fill trailers itself.   So the farmer gets a certain agreed price, and has little other expenditure.  … Read more »


ZAK’s comment is spot on.
I have recently seen many full trailers of stuff drawn by tractors leaving West Wight heading for the bio-digester and coming back empty for the next load. None of this seems very “green” or environmentally friendly to me.


I have it on very good authority, that it is all so the UK can bee ‘seen’ to be meeting it’s green targets. Even though it is anything but green as the long distance haulage using huge tractors hauling heavy trailers, along with the massive machine which harvest such is using tons of diesel.   Also the other NON green effect is that the food we NOW don’t grow, then has to be grown elsewhere and imported here, thus causing more Co2. A huge swindle like much of life, just done to tick boxes to make it look good to… Read more »

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I dearly hope that our MP Mr Seely is objecting to the 475 housing application on one of the last working dairy farms on the island at Ryde.
I don’t know what Mr Seely can do to stop the application being approved but I hope he is doing something.


Of course he is objecting – officially. None of us want a concreted Island, either. 2 days left to write objections to the Planning Office. Keep Westridge Farm farming! Back British (Isle of Wight) Farmers!

Arthur Sausage

Our farmer Bob speaks again!
Why does he not block more building on ancient farmland in Ryde near Circular Road OUR Island will soon be a concrete jungle if allowed to continue.
Soon the only milk available will be imported from mainland!


I would love to support local but do find it rather expensive. Most of us are controlled by our pocket

Lady Longdown

Wow, such news. British M.P. backs something British, rather than forming a select group to decide it is unprofitable, source a foreign buyer (who happens to be the mayor of the Greek, Portuguese or Caribbean town/Island in which one has a holiday) and sell it off, retire from politics and count the contents of brown envelopes…. Mmmhhh. Bandwagon Bob: patriotic as ever.

Lady Longdown

‘… And encourages Islanders so to do as – well.’ Come on, Mr. Too good. Correct grammar costs nothing, like manners. Or perhaps nerve, when you get jumpy because Lady Dunstanding knows stuff. Comments erased, indeed! I have never been inappropriate, apart from that episode with the last butler but one.

Last edited 15 days ago by Lady Longdown
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