Finding ways to pass the time can be a challenge, especially if you don’t have a specific hobby or interest. However, there are many activities you can do at home that are not only productive, but that are also fun and enjoyable. Read on for a few suggestions to get you started.


With so many activities and hobbies around these days, we sometimes forget about one of the oldest and most basic of them all – reading. If you’re looking for a way to pass the time, pick up a book (whether physical or digital) and curl up somewhere cosy and comfortable. Whether it’s in bed, by a roaring fire or in your favourite armchair, reading is one of the best ways to pleasantly pass the time, especially if it’s a fictional novel that takes you to faraway places.

Listen to Music

Listening to music is another basic, but fantastic way to pass the time. While you may be used to listening to music while you’re in the car or commuting to work, taking time to just lie around and listen to your favourite albums can be a highly relaxing and pleasurable activity. If you have a room set aside just for music, even better! Crank up those speakers and get comfortable on your favourite cushions and blankets to soak in the sounds. Or, if loud noises will upset the people in your household, a decent pair of headphones will do the trick.

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Go Online

The internet is one of the best technological inventions of modern times. Not only does it allow us to communicate instantly with people all over the world, but it also provides a digital world where we can work, play and explore. If you’re looking for ways to pass the time, there are many activities you can do on the internet such as

  • Online shopping
  • Stream movies or TV shows
  • Play games on sites such as
  • Listen to digital radio
  • Explore other countries
  • Chat with friends online
  • Take quizzes
  • Join an online community
  • Find new recipes
  • Explore life hacks
  • Start a blog

Learn a New Skill or Language

Another great way to pass the time is to learn a new skill or language. This can be done by picking a book up at the library or going online where you can find tutorials for every kind of skill, including magic tricks, DIY, carpentry, computer coding, photography, etc. Language courses are also easily found online; you can either enrol in a class or watch short clips on YouTube.

Do an Exercise Class

If you’re feeling energetic and are looking for ways to pass the time, online exercise classes are another way to go. Whether you’re into yoga, HIIT, aerobics or dance fitness, there are endless types of free exercise classes available online. With so many options available, you could do a range of classes that build in intensity and end with meditation and relaxation.

Get Creative

Last, but not least, if you want to kill some time, get creative! Take out some art supplies, construct a model, draw, paint, or sculpt an object out of clay. Even if you’re not a gifted artist, being creative or making art is incredibly therapeutic and enjoyable. Who knows? You may even discover a hidden talent.

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