Are you obsessed with Ariana’s ponytail styles? Her every red carpet move became a trend. It shows that ponytails are not meant for gym workouts only.

Whether it’s about refreshing your look for a night out or your everyday image, getting ready for the fashion walk or just a glam entry on the streets, Super sleek, very simple ponytails are a good idea to enhance your updo. But the fact of the matter is, not everyone has those long locks to copy Ariana’s style. Not even Ariana does!

So what is the next option to go for those long and sleek ponytails? Exactly as what some celebrities do and that is to use clip in ponytail hair extensions. You can quickly add silk ponytail clip-ins to a luxurious lifting color of your look.

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You can tie your hair in many styles either you use extensions or do it in your own natural locks, these five styles are everything for your everyday look.

Classic High Ponytail

There are lots of styles that can match your event, but a classic ponytail can beat all if you carry it in a perfect way. This simple classic high style gives a statement to your party or summer look. Just swoop your hair up and secure it with an elastic band that matches the color of your hair, and your perfect ponytail look is ready.

Simple Low Ponytail

It is as simple as dreaming about a style for a day out and it’s done in your imagination. It is effortless and perfect for any occasion. All you need to do is do a middle or side part, and secure your hair with an elastic band at the nape of your neck. You can also use accessories to enhance the look.

Wrap Around Ponytail

You can use elastic bands to secure your ponytail, but the new and trendy look is everything you need. Either you choose to lock your hair up or low, take a section of your hair, and tightly wrap it around your elastic band around your hair, and secure the rest of the peeking hair with the bobby pins to give it a sleek look.

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Bubble Ponytail

As the name suggests, bubble ponytails are in fashion for decades. If you have long hair, or you are using extensions to go with the experimental look, try bubble ponytails. It just requires a few skills and a lot more bubbly ties, but once you know the tricks, you are going to make it every day.

Wavy Ponytail

Make your ponytail look soft and wavy to be different from everyday style. Just gather your hair and secure it with elastic. Pull out some little strands from the top of your hair to give this style an effortless look, try to do it as a bit undone, and give some waves from the hair styler tool. And you are all done with some messy and unique wavy look.

Surely the above roundup of ideas will inspire you to try different ways to enliven your everyday ponytail looks.

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