Internet gambling technology is evolving every day. Nowadays, live casino games online are all the rage. Here’s what you should know.

The Pros And Cons Of Live Casino Games Online

The online gambling industry has always been following the latest trends. We can say that online casinos are growing together with technology. The introduction of live dealer features was the first significant upgrade. It was a perfect sublimation of the internet technology and traditional casino spirit. As a result, punters can enjoy live casino games online and play them from the comfort of their homes. However, featuring a live section is challenging for most gambling establishments. Therefore, chances are you haven’t yet encountered live dealer games. For this reason, we’ll show you everything you need to know about live casinos and how you can benefit from them in the following lines.

A Glimpse Into History

Ever since their inception, online casinos have been trendy. They offered simplicity and flexibility to all gambling enthusiasts. However, not all players were ready for the transition. There was a feeling like something was missing.

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It was around 20 years ago when Evolution, one of the most eminent game providers, figured out a perfect formula. Namely, they built a studio with live dealers featuring the most popular casino table games. The idea went through perfectly, as it gave online casinos the one thing they needed the most – a soul. Hence, punters recognized the opportunity to enjoy the traditional casino atmosphere from their couch. This had an immediate effect and changed the course of the gambling industry’s history.

What Are Live Casino Games Online

Live dealer games are casino features recorded in a studio. We have an actual human standing in front of the camera, with the background imitation of a brick and mortar casino. Players are, naturally, on the other side of the camera. In addition, punters can follow everything in real-time. The cards and numbers are immediately displayed on the screen. All this is possible thanks to the microchips attached to the backside of the cards.

All this technology behind live features enables players to have a visual and sound impression of being in a traditional casino. However, players are unable to have audio communication with a dealer. Instead, punters can use a chat box to send them messages, and dealers will reply via live steam.

Difference Between Online Casino And Live Dealer Games

The best online gambling establishments will typically have regular and live games on their offer. Traditional online games rely on RNG. Random Number Generator is software that ensures every spin is an entity unrelated to others before and after. This algorithm exists to make sure games are fair. Therefore it’s players against a machine.

On the other hand, live casino games online use professionally trained dealers who are leading the game. Therefore, you’re not playing with a machine, but you can enjoy human company.

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What Are Pros Of Live Dealer Games

Playing live casino games isn’t just about feeling the brick-and-mortar atmosphere. It’s more than that. Therefore, let’s take a look at why people love to visit casinos’ live sections.

The Real Deal

As we mentioned before, while playing at a live casino, you can interact with dealers. Although you can’t speak with them directly, you can address them via message box. Moreover, they can respond in real-time so that you can hear them at least. Also, you get to hear other players, which is also a vital aspect of gambling. Namely, this is an important social factor as you can interact with other players as well and not feel alone while gambling.

Learn By Observing

While visiting the live section lounge, you don’t have to play necessarily. However, you can still chat with other people in the lobby and hear them communicate while playing. This comes as an advantage for newcomers as they can pick up a few tricks along the way and improve their gameplay.

Live Casino Games Online Technology

Thanks to digital progress, you can enjoy your favorite live dealer games in high resolution. Therefore, the number of details is impressive as it can happen that, just for a moment, you’ll forget you’re inside your room.

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Also, you can enjoy the best casino features using your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Hence, all the work put into developing top-notch applications leads to the possibility of playing games on any screen size. Simultaneously, the visual quality remains exceptionally high. Moreover, no matter which device you choose to use for gambling, it will not affect the gameplay or performance.

Games You Can Play in Live Casino

By visiting the live section, you can play the most popular casino features. Typically, we’re speaking about table games such as:

  • Roulette,
  • Poker,
  • Blackjack,
  • Baccarat and others.

Moreover, the live dealer casino has developed to the point they now offer different variations of these popular gambling features.

How To Pick The Best Live Casino Games Online

As mentioned above, streaming live casino features is an expensive sport. Therefore, not all platforms are able to offer this kind of gambling in their libraries. Although this fact narrows down the list of potential casinos, still it’s not easy to choose between the available options.

Therefore, we recommend players conduct thorough research before registering at an online gambling operator. Before selecting a casino, take a look at its licenses and regulations. Make sure your money is in a safe place. There are dedicated websites that serve the purpose of informing and educating players about the most valuable topics.

Best Live Casinos – Our Pick

If searching for the right casino seems daunting, look at our list of recommended gambling venues. Here you’ll find reputable and trustworthy casino establishments worthy of your effort.

Bet 777 Casino

The platform falls under the jurisdiction of the Belgium government. Moreover, the casino is being considered the number one operator in this country. What’s more, this platform offers a vast number of deposit and withdrawal methods with high limits. Besides betting, Bet 777 offers a live casino games online section, for the most enthusiastic punters.

Irish Spins Casino

Leprechauns and fairies may bring you luck. Joke aside, the casino holds one of the most reputable licenses – the UKGC. Moreover, this casino offers an environment where you can enjoy a vast number of slots developed by the most eminent providers such as Microgaming, Pragmatic, NYX, and NetEnt.

Betway Casino

The platform has a high reputation of being safe and trustworthy. Moreover, the operator puts no limits on withdrawals, meaning you can take whatever you win at this casino. Betway Casino falls under the Malta Gaming Authority Regulation and UKCG. Thus, this casino represents an oasis for both experienced and newcomers.

Final Thoughts

People have always loved to visit casinos. It wasn’t always about money, but about the atmosphere. As proof of this claim is the fact that online casinos have experienced a real boom only after the introduction of live casino games online. Therefore, punters have got a chance to enjoy the reel traditional casino atmosphere from the comfort of their sofas’. For now, live dealer features continue to progress, bringing pleasure to both punters and casinos. As for the future, we will see what else technology can get.

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