What should you do to land on the first page of a search engine results page? It will take a long time to achieve it when you do things organically. Luckily, an SEO manager can help you accomplish the process. However, you cannot expect success to happen overnight. Search engines have hundreds of factors they consider when assigning page rankings.

Seeking the assistance of an SEO specialist puts you in a better position to achieve first-page ranking. It could take two to six months or even longer, depending on some variables.

Nonetheless, it is more beneficial to outsource SEO services to avail of their professional experience and expertise, market exposure, and in-depth knowledge gained from working with other clients. For example, you can choose from the various SEO packages offered by, which you can customise to meet your specific goals and needs. Typically, an SEO package includes technical optimisation, link-building, content development, and keyword research.

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What are the advantages of SEO? Find out below.

You reach people looking for products or services online 

You reach your target consumers when they are online. When they type in a search word or phrase relevant to your business, your website will appear on the search pages. The SEO specialist’s job is to search for the relevant keywords used by your potential customers when they search online. Aside from using relevant keywords on your site’s meta description, you can use these keywords on your content. SEO helps push your website in front of web users who use search engines to find helpful information, locate businesses, and discover new products or services.

You get more quality site traffic

Your website may attract many visitors, but what is more important is having quality traffic — visitors who show interest in your product or service and are likely to buy. With SEO, your optimised website will appear in many relevant search results, leading to more website traffic. When you rank high in the search results, the users will believe your site is relevant to what they want to find.

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SEO services are about helping your site rank higher in search results. The ultimate goal is to land on the first page, as many web users do not bother to look at the other pages. If you are not on the first page, you will lose potential customers.

It helps improve your site’s user experience

Users want to enjoy their experience when using your website. That is why most website owners and designers focus on user experience (UX). It includes several factors, such as page speed, site navigation, interesting and responsive design, excellent content, valuable information, correct branding, and more.

For example, the page loading speed is a typical complaint from web users. They expect web pages to load quickly. Web users are impatient, and if a web page does not load within three seconds, they will leave and look for another site. This increases your site’s bounce rate, which sends an alert to search engines, adversely affecting your site ranking.

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It helps create strong brand awareness

An SEO specialist understands that brand awareness is critical to your business growth. With brand recognition, more consumers will likely choose your product over others. SEO can position your site and brand in locations where you can find more of your target audience. It includes getting search engine results by using targeted keywords relevant to your audience. The higher number of times you appear in search engine results, the more they will associate your brand with their keywords.

SEO is an excellent way to help grow your business. You can reach new leads and make your brand stick in the minds of consumers. Choose an experienced SEO specialist who can offer various packages to ensure that you get the services you need to achieve the desired results.

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