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ambulanceservicebiblepresentationRepresentatives from Gideon’s International recently visited the Isle of Wight Ambulance HQ to present staff with bibles branded with the local Ambulance Crest.

The bible of the New Testament includes a special prayer (see below) printed inside which gives thanks to the commitment and dedication of the Ambulance Service. It also contains a guide called ‘where to find help when:’ that steers the reader to specific bible verses which relate to one of life’s difficult issues that many of us will face in our lifetime, such as ‘coping with a bereavement’.

The Trust’s Senior Chaplain Kelvin Burke, was initially approached by Brian Sexton, a member of the IW Gideon branch who expressed that it is the intention of the Gideon’s to place New Testaments into the hands of as many health professionals as possible. Brian asked Graham Beckett, the Gideon’s Trustee covering the area, to visit the Island to make the presentation.

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Graham commented:

“We appreciate the work that the Isle of Wight Ambulance Service does and recognise that many will regularly experience distressing scenes and may sometimes see humanity at is very worst and indeed its best too.

“Sometimes in your line of duty you will have to take measured risks and as a result of that, you will need a lot of wisdom and we believe the bible contains all the wisdom a woman or man could ever need”.

Senior Chaplain, Kelvin Burke said he was grateful to the Gideon’s for their generosity and hopes it will offer staff reassurance and guidance whenever needed during their working day.

Chris Smith, Head of Ambulance said:

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“Our staff do a difficult job and whether it’s the bible, the Quran or any other book of faith, words of wisdom are always welcome.”

The special prayer in each Gideon bible says:

Almighty God, we thank you for all who have the privilege of caring for those who are sick and injured.  In particular we thank you for the commitment and dedication of past and present members of the Isle of Wight Ambulance Service who have spent their lives in this way.  May all present officers and staff be blessed in their caring ministry and given the skills and character to carry out their difficult work.  We pray that they will be protected from harm and show in their attitude love, compassion and healing. We ask this in your name and for your sake.  Amen.

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