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aldispitheadEXCLUSIVE: German supermarket giant Aldi are set to open a second store on the Isle of Wight, according to sources.

Plans are afoot to open a brand new store at Spithead Industrial Estate in Lake, near to the newly-built Merrie Gardens pub and the town’s Morrisons supermarket, but Aldi officials have yet to confirm any details of the store development despite plans having been in place since last November.

Island Echo first got in touch with Aldi back in November 2013, but the company have been reluctant to shed any light on the potential for a new supermarket. However, a spokesperson for the firm this week said “there is no further news at the moment”, an interesting comment that doesn’t confirm nor deny that the Island will see a second Aldi built.

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According to plans, the development will see the demolition of offices at the industrial estate – which have now all been vacated – with a new road to be built onto or near the newly-constructed Merrie Gardens roundabout.

The area where the supermarket will be sited has recently been cordoned off, as pictured above.

Aldi opened their first store on the Island in Cowes back on 26th September last year.

The area of Merrie Gardens on the outskirts of Apse Heath and Shanklin is one on the up, with an expansion due for Morrisons, planning permission requested for a brand new Premier Inn hotel and the recent conversion of an old farm house into a modern pub.

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