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The first acts for next year’s Spectrum Autism Festival have been announced, with just 6 months to go until one of the most unique festivals to hit the Isle of Wight gets underway at Sandown Airport.

No matter what your age, disability or where you are on the Autism spectrum, everyone is welcome to come along to be entertained and inspired by the activities and entertainment at this unique festival.

Throughout the festival will be sensory areas, focusing on Light, Touch, Smell, Sound and Taste. These areas aren’t just for individuals on the Autism spectrum – children and Adults alike will be able to interact and learn all about the condition.

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Organisers of the event, which will take place on 25th April 2020, have today (Friday) announced 3 acts who will be performing on the day:

• BRUCH – Local Island Autistic Talent and winner of the Round Table Global Youth Award 2019 for Environmental Innovation

• NATHAN GRISDALE – X Factor 2018 Contestant who has offered exclusive use of a song he has written about Autism

• JACK ROSE aka JCK – Singer, Songwriter, TV Presenter and Mental Health Advocate, recently toured with Faith Evans and Tinchy Stryder

More acts are to be announced soon.

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Tickets are selling quickly at

For more information, or any questions with regards to the festival, including sponsorship, donations, entertainment or volunteering, contact [email protected].

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Az-Zahara Aziz

How times have changed. Not so long back one would have been ashamed to admit you had a squify child. Now as more aid and benefits go hand in hand with anyone not normal, more and more odd ailments come to the fore.

Even schools desire such as they get more funding for the more sub normal they attract


Az-Zahara Aziz you might want to rethink the language, terms like ‘ squify kid’ and ‘sub normal’ are very offensive

none given


az-zahara has the right to free speech and as such has the right to describe what he/she sees, in the way he/she sees fit.

You cannot expect to walk through your life in a bubble where nothing is ever said or done that hurts you.

Az-zahra Aziz

Sadly the truth often is. Whilst for the very young, who have been instructed to ‘pretend’ not to notice a disability, or a race, or a man dressed in a dress etc, and see only the person underneath, for the rest of us, who still have unblinkered PC eyes, odd people, as in not the average person. are all too apparent, and many love to gain attention to their ‘oddness’ by such things as gay marches etc, which is fine, but you can’t have it both ways. No harm is meant by the wording as IF you have a mong,… Read more »


You’re a dick Az-Zahara Aziz and if being normal is being you, I am glad I am not normal! I am dyslexic and in the 70’s was treadled like an idiot, a ‘sub normal’ child. I left school @ 15 illiterate. But I was not an idiot. Throw my own hard work beating the failed education system I now have a degree in Computing and IT and i’m currently studying for my Masters in Software engineering. All whilst working full time. I have a 25+ year career as a software engineer behind me and i’m currently working on cutting edge… Read more »

none given

@Richard – sadly richard your post lost its impact on the second word – you sunk to insulting az-zahara immediately and as such you have adopted the lower ground. bragging about your achievements, again, only served to demonstrate your attitude towards others and the fact that you state “not normal” people are the best indicates a derogatory view of anyone who is normal in societies eyes and shows that you are prejudiced and jealous of others, who you perceive to have been dealt a better hand in life. perhaps you should go and stand in the corner as well and… Read more »



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