When deciding where to travel for a party weekend in the United States there are obvious options including Las Vegas, New York, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Chicago, and Miami. However, there are plenty of US party cities that continue to fly under the radar, such as Nashville.

Nashville is located in Tennessee and is known for its country music scene. Walking along Broadway in the 12 South area you will find a broad selection of restaurants and bars in which music plays a significant role. You can choose to dine and listen to local musicians, or you can enter a club and hit the dance floor. There is also a good range of karaoke bars, so if you fancy yourself as the next big country star after a few drinks, you can show off your talent to the crowds. Nashville is the best city in the south for nightlife and a wonderful place to party away from the usual US cities of choice.

If you are prepared to catch a flight from mainland United States, head to Honolulu in Hawaii for a party holiday you will never forget. Honolulu and Hawaii are best known for being honeymoon destinations, but the city has a lot to offer those looking for a bit of night-time fun. There are several lively options for a great night out in Honolulu and the beach parties are incredible. You can party until the sun rises at one of the many beach parties and if that is not enough, you will find an excellent clubbing scene in the city itself. There is even an underground partying scene, but you will have to get an invite if you want to attend the more exclusive events.

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If the thought of a banging night out, with loud music and dancing is not your idea of a good party destination, perhaps something a little more sophisticated would be a better option? Key West, in Florida, will not be found on many top lists of great US party cities but if you want to taste great food and relax in a chilled environment, Key West is the city for you. There are plenty of parties to attend in Key West, but you can expect a more relaxed vibe than the other cities highlighted in this article. Live music plays in the background as you sip fancy cocktails and chat with other people who are out to enjoy the understated vibe of the city.

We go from one extreme to the other and Atlantic City is a place you will have heard of as being a great party city in the past. The famous boardwalk has featured in movies and television series, but it is still going strong today. If your idea of a top party destination is hitting the tables of a casino, Atlantic City is home to a tremendous selection of high-quality casinos. Even if you have walked away from the blackjack or roulette table, the popular Borgata NJ casino, even has its own mobile app meaning you can continue playing casino games long into the night without having to leave your seat at the bar.

Finally in our collection of 5 US party cities you did not know about, we come to Portland, Oregon. You can begin a night out in Portland by visiting one of the many microbreweries, but it is easy to be swept along without having a drink. Theatres, performance halls, and social clubs make Portland a great party city for those wanting more than a night club. The locals know how to bring the energy to a night out in Portland and it is a fantastic experience.

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