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The total number of people on the Isle of Wight who have tested positive for COVID-19 now sits at 421, according to the latest Government figures released today (Thursday).

Up until today, the Government has kept a second ‘pillar’ of data secret from the public. But now, for the first time, the true coronavirus statistics have been revealed.

204 cases of coronavirus have been confirmed on the Isle of Wight through hospital testing since the start of the pandemic in March. In addition, 217 cases have been identified and lab confirmed through drive-through testing and home testing.

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This brings the total number of cases for the Isle of Wight local authority area to 421. Out of a population of approximately 140,000 people, it means just 0.3% of locals have been confirmed as having the potentially deadly virus.

The total number of deaths remains at 82 – 3 died at home, 39 in hospital and 39 in care homes, with 1 death at the hospice. This figure means just 0.05% of the local population have died from COVID-19 and of those confirmed as having coronavirus, just under 20% have died – half of what it was yesterday.

Isle of Wight MP Bob Seely has said:

“I welcome the release of pillar 2 data by Public Health England. It is important that this data is seen at a local level to enable our services not only to understand the true extent of Covid-19 cases on the Island, but it will also enable them to use the data to inform their future planning.

“We must ensure that we put these figures into context. We still have very low rates of infection on the Island.

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“I understand that we have one of the highest rates of testing per person, so authorities think that they have a good handle on the true rate of Covid in the community, which remains low. It is frustrating that these figures were not released sooner. I have made that opinion clear to the head of PHE today.

“There is some great partnership working going on across the Island to ensure we open up in the safest way possible but of course we will continue to monitor the data and I know the IW Council and NHS Trust has plans in place to deal with any significant increase in the number of Covid-19 cases here.”

The Isle of Wight Council has reassured Islanders that there is no need to panic or be unduly alarmed, with no evidence of a surge in cases – as the figures above support.

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So the apparent truth, How are we now supposed to trust what we are told?   Economical with the truth or just plain lies? When you are informed of figures like this it cannot help but cause mistrust and dare I say panic. Time after time we have been assured our case rate is low compared to other areas. This does nothing to assure people and gives no confidence whatsoever. What are our Council and MP going to come up with now? I am absolutely disgusted with this cover up. Is this democracy? I thought this was the IOW not… Read more »


Stop being so nasty…everyone can have a opinion


Excuse me I don’t think you know who you are 421 cases is still bad for the island and kev is not a worry monger how dare you say that they should of told us how many cases in the first place

Dave Manning

Hardly any cases my friend
Should of just let the whole world ride it out , now loads of job losses, and the biggest recession ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is the number throughout the pandemic not currently. We are still one of the lowest areas in the country and it’s a fact the more tested the more cases you will find. It’s hardly a surprise!

Opinions Matter

I agree, the people at the ‘top’ don’t always tell the truth because they know it could/would spread panic. As every life lost to this virus is so sad because the people have died prematurely, the IOW numbers are low compared to the rest of the UK. I am a key worker and have been working throughout the year and have really not had any cause for concern. Keeping to the distancing rules, excellent hand hygiene and oodles of antibacterial gel, everyone has been ok. I must admit, I am concerned now the holiday makers will be coming here and… Read more »


Thanks to you all key workers you have been keeping everyone going especially the ones on the front line let’s all be sensible and stay safe it is a worry with the holiday makers coming but let’s hope they too stick to the rules.for everyone’s safety and as for the pubs well!!!!!? stay safe and let us not forget those who lost there lives.


I feel sorry for the staff in A&E tomorrow night, they’ve been told to prepare themselves as if it was New Year’s Eve


I work in the care sector and have kept myself protected from this virus, by keeping myself away from other people. The worrying part of all this, is when the Island gets packed out again with tourists. There are seven strains of this virus and one of them is having the virus, but not showing any of the symptoms, being a carrier instead. Keeping yourself and your loved ones safe is key to this. Only go out if it’s absolutely necessary. Wash your hands regularly, though those hand sanitizers only protect you for a short time and are only meant… Read more »


clatterfordslim – perhaps you should stay in lockdown for ten years and leave the rest of us to get on with our lives.
You are just another selfish individual, that expects the transport, food, electric, gas, water, sewage, internet and all other sectors to continue working, whilst everyone else is impoverished.
You cannot sanitise the planet – get outdoors, get some sunshine, get some immunity and stop nanny state, lecturing everyone.

Jenny Ahl

I think this is one of the most sensible opinions here. …. I hope lots read it. Thank you for what you have written and thank you in whatever you do as a key worker.

Opinions Matter

Thank you Jenny for your kind reply.


I think if everybody had antibody test there would be thousands on the Island that have had covid-19 and either had minor or no symptoms at all so I suggest if you don’t like it here go to somewhere else.




No not common Knowledge. A common suspicion that the low rate was not the full truth maybe.
Now perhaps a more realistic figure, that is until perhaps someone decides to come up with another figure.
This kind of news does not inspire confidence and that does no one favours and that includes local and national government.
Treat people as adults and they will respect the truth, a lack of truth/honesty encourages mistrust, that is not good in any situation.
Normal people respect honesty not false truth.


Was totally obvious they were covering up and pretty simple to see really, it’s all about money and getting the economy back up, government don’t care if everyone is flocking to beaches and soon to be pubs like desparate flies, it’ll get the money coming in, all we can do is be sencible ourselves,



Christopher Davis

If it is confirmed that the MP and local councillors know the true figures and deliberately withheld them they should without exception be sacked, it is abuse of trust in public office and they should be barred from holding office again.It is unforgivable

mr justice

Well said, buts let’s start at the Houses of Parliament shall we!


The death rate for 204 confirmed cases was 40% which appeared more than bad. At least the new figures reduces that figure to 19% which looks a little less bad

Red sqirrel

No doubt the idiots justice and brown will jump on the bandwagon here with their Klingon mate anon with their pathetic comments, come on klingons what’s your advice for us sheep you bunch of dickheads.

mr justice

It’s easy to fool someone, but not so easy to convince them they have been fooled! Don’t like it when what I and others have said ,starts to show it’s ugly head. This isn’t about I was right and you are wrong! This is about the truth, and only the truth! Because only then can we all see the bigger picture. So less of the abuse ,and more of the debate please, thank you.

Red Squirrel

So its ok for you to name call, i.e everyones a sheep etc. You obviously like to bully people into your way of thinking but dont like it when someone confronts you. Shame you didnt keep to your promise a few weeks back when you stated that you were leaving the forum.

mr justice

I have replied twice but echo wouldn’t post. Don’t really know why because I wasn’t abuse, unlike you. I think there’s a lot of difference between calling someone a sheep,.or a dickhead. Look debate, a bit of silly humour but trying to get people to see the other side of what is happening. But,I suppose I am wasting my time. I will come back when the ,told you so!, when it happens( hope I’m wrong and I never do) but till then ,take care.

Sitin on the fence

Stop having stupid arguments with each other & grow up everyone. There is a serious killer virus going around the world & all you can do is have a pop at each other on the internet !


red squirrel…………..baaaaaaaaaaaa….do as you are told little sheep and do not question the adults.

Opinions Matter

Grow up Anon. We all know, or should know the politicians are very light on telling the truth. They can’t tell us, the public the truth, it was cause panic and mayhem. Bumbling Boris and his cronies have made a right hash of dealing with this virus from day 1. A politician never says sorry or admits they got it wrong, well very few anyway. I am not a sheep as you continuously keep stating, just someone who needs to stay virus free for the sake of my elderly parents. OK

Covid 19 isn’t going to get me

Great news to announce just as the island is about to open to tourists again. As someone who’s been shielding since March this makes me even more nervous to go outside. Maybe it’s time to get a tent and spend the summer on the blackgang landslip away from people.

So what.....

Why tell us the truth all of a sudden now hmm government chat so much bs!!


How many untreated or unknowingly carrying?


I’ve been saying from the outset that we are not being given the full facts as they emerge, and now I question how many of the political elite, national and local, knew the full facts and kept them back. This can only reinforce the general mistrust of politicians, and more importantly, their opinions of the general public , treating us as idiots for not believing them them whilst feeding us half truths and lies.


Before commenters rage about this just consider some perspective. Up to now cases have been confirmed only through hospital tests. These new numbers now include road and home test confirmed cases which often take longer to verify as they are not performed in a totally clinical environment and have a higher potential failure rate. We all know more people on the Island have Covid than the formal testing reveals so this is not new news. We still have one of the lowest infection rates in the country. No new deaths. The situation remains the same in that people should respect… Read more »


Well said.


Surely the question is, why are these figures released only now. They should have been open to start with.

mr justice

Surely the question is, do you believe them?, I mean they do have a history of lying ( as I’ve said in every one of my posts)they have said this now because the next stage of this fiasco is about to begin. Just my opinion.

mr justice

But of course ,a second pillar of data, and you will all believe that!. This will help you except the next lockdown so much easier. What a load of ……. . What a coincidence, I mean Leicester being look down and all. 82 died that is very sad, but 82 died from covid ( in their blood) not OF Covid. It’s in the wording it’s self people. This just goes to show they can make up any figs they chose, and how are you going to check those figs? You can’t ,you have to believe them. Well best of luck with that!

John Gullible

I know you talk a lot about Covid being in the blood but not the cause of death. Regardless of the cause of death how do you explain the excess death rate for the period march to may? Do you not think it’s a bit of a coincidence that there is a world pandemic and a big spike in deaths across the world, excess death more than normal. I would find it strange to consider there is another cause other than Covid19? You argue about Covid being in the blood but not the cause. What is the cause for the… Read more »

mr justice

Do you think these are higher then normal deaths? Have you checked?, I know it has become very difficult to check this, because all of a sudden the format has changed. For the last 4 years the total deaths in the U.K. has been between 597 k to 616k. So we will have to wait to get the full picture for the figs. Have you heard of anyone dying of flu this year? Tens of thousands each year, but not this year!? There is so much evidence out there to show any death with covid in the blood test, they… Read more »


it amazes me the way that everyone blindly believes these figures and goes into meltdown over them, yet doesn’t bat an eyelid at the removal of their personal freedoms and the control being imposed upon them.
I need to start selling snake oil and bridges to these gullible mugs.


What makes you think that holiday makers from the mainland will not behave responsibly.We have had it far worse than you on the island and we do know what to do.You keep blaming everything on people from the mainland when until recently there have not been many there as we have all been locked down.I have been watching the appley beach webcams throughout and beleive me every evening right from the start of the lockdown have seen large groups of teenagers gathered on and around the beach.Maybe you need to look to your own before you start the blame game.I… Read more »


I think in normal circumstances most lslanders like to see the lsland busy, but in the middle of a global pandemic people are worried.

John Gullible

As you state you have had it far worse on the mainland compared to us then surely you can understand why people would be nervous about people from a worst affected area coming over?

You talk about island teenagers on appley webcam perhaps being the cause yet our island (despite those pesky teenagers) has been less affected than the mainland.

Your argument is flawed and contradicting.


I wrote once that the money is not going to swim across the Solent on its own, you have to take the people who go with it. I love the Island, too, but right now I don`t know whether to look forward to going back or to be scared.


When restrictions are further lifted, it is not the people out drinking who have to be careful it
is the continual ridiculous behaviour of old ladies who continue to act as if they
are above the law. Get your act together old biddies or stay at home!!


And old men! We are constantly being told to protect the elderly but they seem to do what they want. Sorry to offend any elderly who are being responsible but every day I see them out and about with no masks and not socially distancing and chatting to everyone! I don’t expect them to quarantine but a bit of thought for others wouldn’t go amiss!


All I am gonna say is, remember in Jaws when the mayor said it was safe to go back into the water……. Well time will tell and I don’t think we are being told all that is going on. We’ll be like Leicester soon.

michele blake

when are visits being allowed in nursing homes?


In all societies, it is the 5 to 10% that think they know better, and it is probably those that are spreading the virus. You do not have to show or feel any symptoms to be a carrier.   The figures as far as i’m concerned have not told the truth or even near the truth and i do not expect we will ever get the true figures.   Yes, i’m an oldie but not yet retired and hope to live a long time beyond that date in a few years time. I’m also a key worker that has isolated… Read more »


Surely the most important figure to give out is how many new cases confirmed in last 48 hours, and then a weekly total – figures that mean something not rocket science, nor number crunching . Then if an increase we know phase II is on its way and the best action is to be cautious and if at risk isolate take responsibility for your own health care and prevention. At the end of the day it is all down to the well known saying “Money speaks louder than words”. The Covid updates use charts, figures, all to baffle and confuse… Read more »


How about releasing this for the whole country.

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