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28-year-old Becky Wall, who was involved in a serious hit-and-run collision on Briddlesford Road almost 2 weeks ago, has undergone successful surgery on her pelvis this week.

The mum-of-one from Ryde remains in a coma in Southampton General Hospital after sustaining life-threatening injuries when her Vauxhall Astra was hit by a silver BMW on 27th June.

The driver of the BMW fled the scene and is yet to be arrested by Police, who are conducting a number of enquiries to locate the wanted male.

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Over £11,700 has been raised to date to support Becky and her family at this difficult time. Through that fundraiser, an update has been given on Becky’s recovery…

Yesterday it was confirmed that Becky had undergone surgery on her pelvis, which was successful. An internal plate was installed with an external one connected by metal rods to hold everything in place whilst the fracture heals. Becky is said to have remained stable during the operation and has maintained stability afterwards.

Focus now turns to the long process of trying to safely bring Becky out of her coma.

You can donate to the fundraiser by visiting

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Great news for that poor woman. Seems she is out of danger now.

Barry Chantler

Wishing her all the best & speedy recovery.


Good luck in your recovery! Hope they find the scum bag!!!

Jane Hill

Everyone knows who it was so why not release name? I understand police enquiry ongoing but surely be easier to find him if his name’s released??


Great news


Good luck girl.
We’re all praying for ya

Yvonne Knapp

This is wonderful news for Becky

Nigel Tuck

Some positive news at least. All the best to her – stay strong lady.

Michael Thomas

this was a shock when I read the first report a week ago, I hope for everyones sake that there is a full and healthy recovery with her. hope the police makes sure the scumbag never walks again.

Martin Ryde

Stay strong Becky, you can do it… If you are reading this and you know who is responsible do the right thing and tell the police.. Please do the right thing.

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