The casino and gambling industry in the UK has boomed in recent years, especially after laws were passed in 2007 that meant that membership was not required to enter and play at a casino. And whilst a night out at the casino is great fun for many, the introduction of online casinos in 1996 (and their huge advancement since) means that many in the UK prefer playing at home on the sofa or on the train home from work – something that was impossible before the introduction of the smartphone.

Playing on the best casino sites, either in the UK or worldwide, is great fun. Recent studies show that online gambling is by far the most popular form of gambling in the UK, with slots the most popular game. But why is it that Britain has taken to online casino so well? Well, there are a few reasons for this.

#1 The Law is Clear and Predictable

The 2005 Gambling Act has changed little since it was passed. Players and operators in the UK are aware of what the law is surrounding online gambling, therefore games are hosted in a more secure and ethically correct way. Similarly, in 2014, Online Casinos were required to obtain a UK gaming license. Those who didn’t abide were, and are, unable to advertise their games on television, and therefore UK players will generally end up playing with more trustworthy, transparent casinos.

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Furthermore, there is now less of a stigma surrounding gambling generally in the UK. With clear measures in place to try to prevent excessive or unhealthy gambling, casinos and casino games are generally now looked upon as fun, and the former a form of entertainment.

#2 Anywhere, Anytime

A person’s free time tends to diminishes as you get older. With a substantial number of people commuting via train and bus into work in the UK (pre-COVID19), journeys can become long enough to make people feel bored. Being able to dabble literally anywhere, and at any time, means that online casino provides a form of entertainment at the turn-on of a phone or tablet.

#3 UK-based online gambling companies dominate the world market

In the UK, there are several large online casino firms operating. They include 888.com, admiralcasino, Unibet, and 21.co.uk, amongst others. UK players can have faith that the company they’re gambling with are acting under regulation, and can then trust that they’re gambling lawfully and legitimately. Similarly, with the relaxation of rules on online casino advertising, it’s easier for UK players to find UK-based gambling companies – and players worldwide, too.

All in all, UK-based players know what they’re getting and can enjoy a wide range of casino games from the comfort of their own homes. The physical casino scene boomed in the 2010s, and we’re expecting a similar trend in the 2020s with the online version.

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