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The Isle of Wight is an island that benefits from a strong entertainment scene. Whether it’s the TT or the Isle of Wight Festival, hundreds of thousands of tourists flock to us yearly to sample what the district has to offer. Almost all of them aren’t disappointed.

However, the industry will have to alter the way it works to remain relevant in the hearts and minds of its fans. Plus, tweaking the sector’s reliance on in-person entertainment will make it more versatile. The internet is the obvious platform for the island’s major events, but will be moving online be worthwhile? Let’s find out.

Live Streaming Technology

The first thing that’s worth pointing out is that the technology exists, and it does so in the form of live streaming. Live streams are found everywhere today, from conservation websites highlighting the plight of animals to online casinos looking to enhance the user experience by making it more authentic.

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Similar to the casino sector, lots of the Isle’s entertainment events could easily transition into virtual performances. For example, the Isle of Wight Festival is broadcast to millions of UK homes thanks to the coverage from terrestrial TV channels. Therefore, it’s not too much of a push to take it to the next level and start a dedicated website with backstage interviews and sneak peek performances.

The same goes for the TT and the newly formed Diamond Races that are expected to happen later this year. All of these events can add value online just as they can face-to-face.

The Growth of the Sector

It’s impossible to deny that entertainment services have failed to benefit from the introduction of the internet. Streaming platforms such as Apple Music, Amazon Prime and Spotify have all increased their market shares after dominating the online.

However, it’s the rise of remote casinos that’s the biggest example as it’s the closest industry to many of the events the Isle of Wight hosts. Of course, the industry has been nothing but healthy for the past couple of years, with online wagers accounting for billions of pounds of revenues in the UK. As a result, a new casino UK arrives on the scene regularly, leading to offers of up to £1,500 in welcome bonuses with over 1800 different casino games.

Firstly, this should act as a shining light for events that want to pivot. Secondly, it highlights how events and organisers can work together with online casinos to increase their viewership and gain extra online traction.

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Extra Versatility

It appears as if there is confusion about when and where events will take place this year. For example, the Isle of Wight Festival is expected to take place in September of this year, as opposed to its normal summertime slot. The Isle of Wight Diamond Races won’t take place until 2022.

This shows how there is uncertainty, meaning paying customers and fans could lose out on money and an incredible experience. Thankfully, switching to an online version of an event still offers people a form of entertainment. Organisers will fulfil their promises if they have a backup option, and there’s none better than the internet.

After all, it’s widely accessible due to advancements in technology, cheap for hosts and proven to work for many businesses within the scene, such as online casinos.

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