Social slots are a booming business that continue to grow year-on-year. Whether you’re based in New York or not, on holiday or at work, you can play them from wherever you are located.

Whilst video slots are played for real money, social slots can be played for free for as long as you like.

Here are seven reasons why social slots are growing in popularity:

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Convenient Signup

There are more than 2.7 billion Facebook active users worldwide and social slots can be played through the Facebook site or app. This means once you’ve joined one you can join many without needing to go through the whole signup process again, as you are required when joining each individual online casino for example.

A Decade of Experience

Social gaming sites have been around for about a decade now, although their fanbase has taken some time to grow.

The reason ‘social’ is included in the name is down to the games being closely likened to social media, with their inherent trend being to bring as many players together to play and interact.

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Social casinos are actually light years ahead of many of the traditional online casinos. From the quality of the games and the number of them that are available and can be played for free among your friends.

Providers are Quick to Adapt

Many of the top social slot providers make decisions based on market research and player questionnaires. This can be changes to the themes, symbols, features and bonuses. That’s why new games come out every month.

Compare that to your traditional casinos where there are few changes, if any, to the likes of poker, roulette and blackjack over the space of a year. Social slots are forever changing and upgrading to keep players entertained.

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Unique, Fun Experience

Players are treated to excellent graphics, animations, sounds, pop-ups and much more as part of the entertainment, not to mention that they are free slots games for a lifetime.

Readily available and with easy access that doesn’t require driving license checks and waiting for approval means you can play within minutes of signing up, in contrast to real money online casinos that have a strict sign up process.

A Good RTP

The return to player (RTP) for traditional slot machines generally vary from 92% to 97% on average, which means for every $100 put into the device, $92-97 is returned to the player.

When it comes to social slots, if you’re playing for real money, you’re playing more than one slot at a time. On top of that, players receive free money on a daily basis, sometimes on an hourly basis, depending which provider you’re with. As well as that, you can receive gifts among other perks as loyalty rewards.

In theory, you can play each spin for the minimum bet (1p or £1 depending on the machine) and your return could be in the thousands, giving you an exceptional RTP.


Social casinos also allow players to make changes to their avatars looks, including face and clothing. Surprisingly, this hasn’t happened with online casinos when players are using real money for games.

Much like self-made characters on PlayStation and Xbox games, creating and editing your avatar is a popular option among players. This is something which has worked well with social slots.

For players who aren’t as bothered about their aesthetics, you can simply leave the default avatar to click the randomise button with several providers.

Gaming without Risk

Whilst online casinos do offer free play, these can only be played against the AI. To play with your friends or simply other players across the world, you need to use real money. This is not the case with social casinos.

Social slots are gaming without any financial risk. You can still enjoy your favourite casino games too at no extra cost, such as poker tables with five or seven other contestants, blackjack with four others against the dealer, and roulette among a group.

How do Social Slots work?

Social casinos and slot games can be enjoyed from your desktop, laptop, tablet and/or mobile device, accessed via Facebook or by downloading an app.

You’ll receive chips for signing up and bonuses are available to be unlocked. All your traditional games can be played – poker, blackjack, roulette etc. if you don’t plan on spending 100% of your time on slot machines.

These types of casinos make their money from in-app purchases, such as buying additional chips or unlocking new levels for just a few dollars at a time. This makes it possible to become a virtual millionaire quickly without playing too many spins!

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