Euro 2020 was supposed to happen last year, but for the first time ever the football European Championship was postponed. The tournament will now be held during the summer of 2021, and just a year makes a lot of difference.

Certainly, that year has allowed some countries to now emerge as favourites for the tournament, while others don’t look as good as last year. If you are placing free bets for Euro 2021, it’s definitely not easy to choose which nation will emerge victorious from the tournament. Check out some of the most likely winners for next summer.


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It’s hard to look past France, the current World Cup holders and perhaps the most complete international squad in football. The word stacked comes to mind when looking at the French team. So loaded with top players, some amazing footballers cannot even get in the team. In goal, defence, midfield, and attack, this French unit is formidable. Kylian Mbappe and Paul Pogba will likely drive the French but there are also players with something to prove in Antoine Griezmann and Anthony Martial.


Belgium’s Golden Generation has arguably underachieved by never winning a major tournament. This is a team that had world class potential in every position. It now seems that generation is slowing coming to an end with the ongoing demise of Eden Hazard signalling a new era. In other words, it feels like the chances are running out for this talented squad to make history and win a tournament.


England know Belgium’s plight after squandering their own Golden Generation over a decade ago. However, the English a now moving into a new era of gifted stars, especially in attack. With a young attack featuring the likes of Jadon Sancho, Jack Grealish, Marcus Rashford, Raheem Sterling, Mason Greenwood, and Phil Foden, England have one of the most exciting teams. Of course, a prime Harry Kane pins it altogether, making England dangerous at Euro 2021. Even in defence players are emerging as world class talents. Could this tournament be one too soon for a squad that seems destined for great things?

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You can never discount the Germans even when they seem to be moving through a difficult period. Not the force of half a decade ago, the German team seems in a state of flux between the old and the new. Still, with obvious tactical discipline and a historic knowhow in winning, the Germans will a threat during the latter stages of the tournament.


Spain is an interesting team and arguably a dark horse rather that a favourite. The days of a clear identity within the Spanish national team have gone. No longer are players from Barcelona and Real Madrid dominant in the team. What that leaves is an untested squad that seems more adaptable tactically. It also makes them an unknown at Euro 2021.


It’s easy to look at Portugal and see them as Cristiano Ronaldo and the rest, that’s what having one of the best players of all time in your ranks creates. While that was arguably true in years gone by, this is now a Portugal team that looks excellent even within Ronaldo. With an excellent core of talented midfielders and attackers, Portugal will fancy their chances of retaining the Euro title.

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