Most people experienced more waves of COVID and quarantine than waves at sea in the last year. Sad, but it is how it is. Beating ourselves up because of the changes the pandemic brought isn’t doing anyone a favor. Instead of being desperate if the next wave of quarantine happens, we should use the time to bring positive changes into our lives. And have fun, of course. Here are tips on doing that.

Learn a New Skill

Most people get bored sometimes. It can become so numbing that nothing seems worth doing. We’d all been there, but that means we had too much time (and sometimes too little energy). Snapping out of that feeling and focusing on learning new skills during the quarantine is the best thing anyone can do. Learning how to cook. Maybe start painting. Anything. The activity itself isn’t important; seeking progress is. That keeps people moving. It doesn’t let them sit back and watch life go in front of their lives like it’s a movie. People who seek progress act because they have to. They have a desire to learn, to change. Learning something new can change a lot of things. It can lead to meeting new people. Making new connections and switching jobs. None of those get-rich-schemes work, but learning a skill is like making a long-term investment. By adding more knowledge and experience, that skill can become the source of income.

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Those who already have skills and desire to make progress should use the quarantine to earn some certificates. Having skills is one thing; getting a chance to show them is another. With certificates to prove knowledge, it becomes simpler to find clients in the beginning. When the first wave of quarantine looked us all home, some e-learning platforms were free. Thousands used that to improve their position on the market or learn something they liked. Still, learning platforms may not have discounts during the next wave of quarantine. However, paying for a real value that can help make long-term progress is how wise people spend money.

Pass the Time By Connecting with Potential Partners Online

Learning new skills is great, but no one can stay focused 24/7. It’s ok to relax and have fun which can become a problem during a quarantine. When you’re at home all the time, and it’s not the first time that’s happening, running out of things to do isn’t difficult. Luckily, technology helps because it gives us a chance to do something new whenever we want. Although, meeting someone new might be a better phrase in this case. Even the most entertaining things are just things. New people are always better. That’s the reason why millions began using technology to connect with new people since COVID-19 happened. Doing things is great, but humans are highly social, so we need each other to be well. And the online dating world is well-developed so that everybody can join sites according to their needs. Men with a thing for older women join the mature dating site because it puts them in the middle of the community full of women they like. Women do the same. If they want to chat with younger men, a mature dating site becomes their hunting ground. There are also sites where singles seek love. Those are separated into niches too. It’s a less known fact that some services aren’t focused mainly on dating. People join some dating sites to make friends, and there are sites made for that. Like the mix between social media and dating sites. That means everybody can take advantage of technology. Everybody needs friends, casual chatting and dates, or love.


Neglecting health during the quarantine is a dangerous trap put there by the comfort of sitting on a couch. Eating healthy and exercising should be one of the priorities in normal circumstances. When the virus changes the whole world, those climb even higher on the priority list. Vaccination is a priority too, but staying healthy is number one. It’s nice to see that 86% of the Isle of Wight’s population (16 and over) got at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. However, without spending some time exercising, we can’t expect to have efficient immune systems. It doesn’t matter how tiny your home is; it’s always possible to do some exercise. At least the basics. Squats, push-ups, planks, sit-ups… It’s just important to start. And then it’s important to keep going. You’ll be grateful to yourself.

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Play Multiplayer Video Games with Friends

Meeting new people on dating sites is great, but staying in touch with old friends is also a great activity for the next wave of quarantine. Combine staying in touch with having fun, and you get a bunch of friends sitting home and playing online video games. Turning on the headset lets everyone chat like they’re sitting in the same room. Playing together helps everyone relax, which means a lot nowadays.

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