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Waterside Pool in Ryde has launched a fundraiser this week in order to purchase a new pool cover.

With the winter months drawing in, it has become very apparent that the current pool cover needs to be replaced in order to effectively save heating and energy when the pool is not in use.

The cost of a new cover is around £6,000. Such a hefty one-off expense has caused the Waterside Community Trust to take the decision to appeal to their users and the general public to fundraise for this item as their own surplus funds for this year have already been designated elsewhere on other urgent high priority projects on site.

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The Trust have set up a fundraising wall poolside where contributors can fill in a square on the fundraising wall. There are 300 squares on the wall and each square has a set minimum donation of £20 in order to achieve the £6,000 target. Contributors can donate more per square if they wish.

Waterside Community Trust are also providing a commemorative plaque following the fundraiser in order to recognise all the people that have donated.


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none given

hmm their accounts show about £88k in net current assets at end November 2016 their accounts show about a £100k in net current assets at end November 2017 their accounts show about a £100k in net current assets at end November 2018 Based on the above, they should still have about £100k at the end of this month, if the last three years are anything to go by. They can easily afford a £6k cover – assuming it actually costs that much and more to the point- the pool as a retractable roof, just close it. If the pool is… Read more »


You clearly don’t know much about the centre, which is open all year around!
All charity’s that are well run will have reserve funds, because if some equipment fails then the costs will mount very quickly.
Awful comment to put.

none given

if the pool is open all year round, then it won’t need another cover will it – keep the roof closed.

That is what their reserve funds are for – to replace the equipment that has failed – in this case the cover.- no need to go begging off people. If they aren’t covering costs, then up the price of the entry fees – it isn’t difficult is it.

as usual, people expect others to pay for their entertainment.

Az-zahra Aziz

When well over a thousand new homes are built in Ryde soon, then the pool will be so crowded and with all that extra urine, likely won’t need anything to keep the heat in as water will be at small intestine body temperature.

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