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vodafonemast400UPDATED: Vodafone customers across the Island are continuing to experience major disruption to their mobile phone service with residents in Ryde having been without a reliable and usable network for the last 3 weeks.

For the past month mobile phone users on the troubled Vodafone network have been experiencing a range of issues in the PO30, PO31, PO33, PO36, PO37 and PO38 areas with limited signal, and even when there has been signal, have been unable to make or receive phone calls and texts.

The latest disruption comes following months of internet capability issues and although 4G has been installed across the Island, customers are still unable to receive an acceptable 3G service. Additional costs and a 4G device are required to access the 4G service.

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In Ryde, a mast located on top of the Commodore Cinema building has failed once again, leaving customers unable to use their mobile phones for a total of three weeks now with no repair date in sight.

Customers experiencing issues are advised to log all activity with the Vodafone customer service team and acquire the details of the customer service manager to request termination of the contract without an early termination fee, which can often run into hundreds of pounds.

Conservative Party PortraitsUPDATE WEDNESDAY: The Island’s MP, Andrew Turner, is encouraging Island Communities concerned about Vodaphone coverage to apply for the Rural Open Sure Signal Programme.

This is a new scheme being rolled out by Vodaphone, targeting rural communities where mobile phone signal is particularly bad. The scheme will deliver Vodaphone 3G signal to just 100 rural communities across the UK.

A “village champion” is needed for each area applying for the scheme to spearhead local efforts.

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Mr Turner said:

“The current poor service from Vodaphone on many parts of the Island is unacceptable and I am following this up with the company on behalf of Islanders who have contacted me.  However I would encourage communities who think they could benefit from this new scheme to look into applying.  I would be happy to support any applications from the Island to be a part of the scheme.”

More information and application forms can be found at; the closing date is 14th October.

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