History can be a hard subject for students, but there are several methods that have been found to be effective in teaching history. So, if you’re struggling with history here are some different and interesting ways to learn more and still have while you do it.

1. Learn about different coins

One fascinating way to learn about history is through coins. Coins, such as commemorative 50p coins, can be dated and provide a connection to what was happening during the time period. This is an easy way for students to see dates and information that they might not have learned before. It also brings them outside of textbooks and out into the world where people lived, and old coins were used every day. If you need to, start small with colonial coins or even Roman ones! You can look for more interesting data at the Coin Expert and see some different coins. This is a great way to learn about the history of your country and other countries as well. Also, you can learn about currencies and how they shifted over time.

2. Read historical fiction and make connections

Another exciting way to learn about history is through historical fiction. Historical fiction takes events that are based on the real world and creates a fictional story surrounding them. It’s similar to what you may have read in your AP or IB English class, except this time it will teach you about history! Make connections between characters in books and people you’ve studied about. If anything, historical fiction gives students an idea of how life was for people during different times. It also helps develop empathy for certain groups or individuals.

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3. Visit museums and take in art

Another interesting way to learn about history is through museums or artwork. Museums are a great way for students to experience what life was like back in the day. Many museums also provide different artifacts that may help you remember certain people or events. Also, if you’re taking an art history course this is a great way to learn more about influential artists and their styles throughout time. Art is a great way to see the connection between past and present. It’s also a great way to express what life was like during different time periods. Doing both of these things are great ways to find out more about the history of your country.

4. Go to a historic site or national park

If you have the opportunity, go visit local historic sites and national parks. Places like these are great ways for students to learn more about history. You can see where people lived and what they did while there. National parks are protected sites that provide a connection between past and present. Different places here will teach you about different things, like why certain buildings are standing or other historical facts. National parks are great because not only do they give you knowledge, but also encourage you to be active. These will be helpful resources when you’re studying and need to refresh your memory.

5. Travel abroad

Next, traveling abroad is a great way to learn about history. If you have the opportunity, studying or living abroad is a great way to see how different cultures and times were like. It’s an opportunity to learn about and experience history in a more hands-on way. You’ll get to see what people did back in the day and their traditions. While you’re traveling, ask your tour guide lots of questions about what they do and why it’s done that way. This will help you remember things better than just reading about it in a book! You can also visit neighboring countries, depending on where you live around the world. This is a great way for students who are passionate about learning history to learn more about the past through traveling abroad!

6. Utilize technology

Last, but definitely not least is utilizing technology! There are many apps, websites, and tools that will be great for students. There are websites that will inform you about historical events, others will show you the best places to go for certain types of history and more! These are tools that will help create a complete study plan, so you can learn more about the past with ease. You may even find one or two apps or tools that you really enjoy using during your studying sessions. They can also be used later to quiz you and help you remember important information. Most of these tools and apps are free and some even have flashcards, so it’s a win-win!


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There are several ways to learn about history, but these three tips should help you in your studies. If you’re struggling with history these are some options that will hopefully make the subject more interesting and engaging. So, if you’re looking for new and interesting ways, follow these tips and see if they help you with your current studies!

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