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undercliff drive closedThe Isle of Wight Council has today (Tuesday) confirmed details of work to create vehicular access to properties affected by last year’s landslip along Undercliff Drive, near St Lawrence.

The council has been working with Island Roads to develop a scheme since Executive members agreed in November 2014 to create a low cost, limited access road from the west and pedestrian access from the east.

The plans have been developed as quickly as possible, however due to the complex geological nature of the site, the environmental designation of adjoining woodlands and negotiations involving third party land, the scheme has not been straightforward to develop.

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Survey work is due to commence in the coming weeks, with construction work carried out during the summer months.

armyarrival21The plans will see vehicular access for affected properties remain via the existing carriageway with some limited widening of the road from the west, with a turning head constructed close to the current position of the road closure hoarding to enable larger vehicles to turn safely.

The proposed route to the properties will be single width, built close to the existing route. It is likely that some land will be required from a third party in order to construct the road which will connect to the undamaged section of road on which four dedicated residents parking spaces will be provided.

Due to the eastern landslip, it will not be possible for vehicles to drive beyond the property ‘Cheviot House’, though pedestrians, cyclists and horses will be able to continue through to Undercliff Drive and on towards Ventnor on a newly created path.

At the eastern end of the access road, another turning head will be constructed, again to allow vehicles to turn safely, and a further four dedicated residents parking spaces will be provided.

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Councillor Phil Jordan, Executive member for public protection and highways PFI, said:

“This solution and the impending works are very long awaited but I am delighted we are finally in a position to start the process of allowing at least some permanent access to the properties situated there.

“The commitment of this council has always been to find a solution to a very difficult situation and I think today is testament to a lot of hard work by a lot of people. I really do look forward to this scheme being finally completed and access being re-established.

“We will continue to investigate longer term opportunities to address the closure of the through road and we will endeavour to  seek funding opportunities that could enable a broader scheme to re-open the entire road to traffic.”

Letters have been sent to affected residents, local town and parish councils and local Isle of Wight councillors to make them aware of the latest plans.

Detailed plans can be found here – Undercliff Drive proposals.

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