One of the many enjoyments in life for millions of people was walking down the high street and shopping. Browsing the various stores was the only way to spend money 40 years ago but things changed dramatically with the introduction of the internet.

Now, it is possible to sit at home on a computer and order almost anything you can think of, from food to shoes. Entertainment has also changed and rather than having to travel to a casino, you can play a game of blackjack, with a real dealer, from the comfort of your own home. Platin Casino UK is a good example and here you will find a huge selection of casino games, including the opportunity to play table games with a real dealer. If you live somewhere that means it takes you an hour to travel to a land-based casino, it becomes extremely tempting to stay at home and play a live casino game.

Convenience is clearly one of the driving factors in the rise of online only business. While for people 50 years ago, walking down the high street was a pleasure, people now want to use their time to do other things. Therefore, for many people, shopping is something that can be completed in a matter of minutes at home or on a mobile device. Many online companies even offer free returns on items that are not suitable, and this is great for those who want to order new items of clothing. There is no risk involved and a journey to the high street has been saved.

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In fact, many of the new brands we have seen emerge in recent years are online only businesses. You still have your major brands that have being in business for decades but many of the brands we have grown to love over the past 5 to 10 years do not have a physical premise. In fact, we can use the example of casinos and bookmakers to highlight this point perfectly. We now have hundreds of online bookmakers and casinos, some of which started life on the high street. However, the bulk of the sportsbooks and casinos we see on the internet today have only existed online. The costs of having a business online are significantly lower than having a land-based operation. Furthermore, you are more likely to see someone place a bet on their mobile device as they pass a bookmaker premises on the high street than you are see them stop and go into the premises to place the bet.

There are still website, marketing, and legal costs involved when opening a new business online, but they do not come close to having to purchase or rent a property in a busy area of a city. For someone who knows how to create a website, opening a new business online can take a matter of days whereas it could take weeks or even months to get going on the high street.

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