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Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) is inviting stakeholders on the Isle of Wight to join its webinar on electric vehicle (EV) connections and charging points on Thursday 12th November from 10:00-12:00. 

The transport sector is the UK’s largest emitting sector and will require significant electrification to meet the 2050 net zero target. With the cost of EVs falling, EV adoption rates increasing, and the UK government expected to bring forward new ambitious targets in the coming months, EVs are becoming more prominent, and accessible and available to consumers.

SSEN is inviting Isle of Wight residents who want to learn more about SSEN’s EV strategy, EVs, charge point options, and the charge point application process to join a webinar on 12th November from 10:00 to 12:00. To find out more and register, click here.

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The webinar, organized by SSEN, Isle of Wight Council and EV Express, will discuss:

  • Electric generation to support large scale EV rollout
  • Market availability for EV charge points
  • EV application process
  • Scope for community councils to provide/fast rapid charging provision

Sian Hughes, Lead Connections Engagement Manager for SSEN has said:

“The webinar provides interested Isle of Wight stakeholders, including both businesses and consumers, with the opportunity to learn more about EVs including: adoption, charge points, the application and design process, whilst also touching up on the challenges we face with the increased uptake of network capacity on the Island. It also provides stakeholders an open forum style discussion to ask questions to industry experts around any topics surrounding EV and is a great way for us to get feedback on what more we can do to help. We are looking forward to working with the Isle of White community in EV adoption as we progress towards net zero.”

SSEN has committed to invest in its infrastructure and flexible solutions to support 10 million EVs on GB roads by 2030. As part of this commitment, SSEN has been working to ‘future-proof’ the Isle of Wight’s electricity network for changing customer demands, investing over £3million over the last 3 years to boost the Isle’s electricity network resilience.

Last summer SSEN also published Accelerating a Green Recovery, and called for the Government to implement 10 policies to deliver the world’s most extensive EV charging network by 2025.

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2 late

Sian Hughes needs to learn how to spell Isle of ‘Wight’ not White to be taken seriously.

EV’s will be used to price the masses off the roads, so the ‘better people’ then have quieter roads, more parking, and will force the plebs onto public transport with the growing knife crime, and delights which will NOT coincidently coincide with the masse building over over Wight.

Vote this council out next time.

Eve Shipman

You’re slipping, 2 late, you forgot to write “out” in upper case.


Webinar on EVs you’re having a laugh. Will they be able to keep the network working. I doubt it if their present record on supply is anything to go on. Power will be cut to the charging points no doubt

The Oracle



Oh you are still with us not crawled under your rock yet. You should know that the charging stations are rubbish but yet again it won’t be SSEN that’s at fault according to people like you it will always be someone else

The oracle

Get that big chip off your shoulder.


No chip on my shoulders just tell it as it is SSEN don’t care about the public just care about making fortune out of people and will cut off power/charging points whenever they want so get your head out of your arse

The oracle

Very eloquent comment Steve.!!

Mines a pint .

Stick with my old landrover thanks. I like the smell of diesel.

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