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In case the weather channel has been forecasting lots of rainy days lately, and you are wondering if that’s going to be a hindrance to having fun outdoors, there might be a bright side to it. While you can make a long list of movies to binge on or get a couple of books to read, it might also be an excellent time to initiate some do-it-yourself activities around your house. Don’t worry about your plants either because you can protect them with plastic for a greenhouse which will help you build a suitable shelter for them. If you want to know more, here are five simple home improvements for the rainy day.

  • Check the roof

Leaks are the first things to look out for when it comes to rainy days. No one needs to tell you how messy your whole space could get if you have a nasty leak left unchecked. Depending on where the leakage originates, you could ruin your sofa, carpet, even worse, expensive electronic gadgets. Therefore, take out time to check for unwanted leakages on the roof.

Sure, it’s a lot faster to locate the leakages when the rain pours, but you don’t have to wait for the rain to hit before making necessary improvements. Here are possible roof leakage spots.

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Underlayment: This is a water-resistant layer on roofs designed to slow down water damage. What you need to look out for is if the underlayment is intact and flat. Expect this water-resistant later to extend to about 18 inches.

Flashing: The flashing is probably the weakest link in any roof. If your roofer used the right materials, check for stability, and ensure that all flashing material is covered, so water doesn’t pass through any gaps.

Shingles: A missing corner piece can cause leakages here and there, so check how intact it is. The shingles should snugly lie down, with the nails well covered on them. Also, they must not be brittle; otherwise, they’ll break before you know it.

  • Check out the gutters

Have you checked the gutters lately? Ensure that they are functioning as they should. They might need some improvement so water can be properly channeled off your roof. You might have to wait for it to rain, or you can troubleshoot by connecting a long hose to the top of the roof.

If water flows down the roof through the gutters to the downspouts, then you have nothing to worry about. If, on the other hand, the water is pouring off the roof elsewhere, your gutters are probably blocked by debris and need some clearing.

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  • Improve safety

If you don’t have an alarm system, this may be a good time to install one as they are your first line of defense. If you have one already, check if the batteries are getting weak. Equally, install motion sensors to detect and scare off intruders. If you live close to the wild, critters may see you home as a good hiding place from the rain.

  • Give the walls some color

No matter how great a paint job is, it won’t last forever.  You’ll probably need to give your walls a touch-up eventually. What better time to carry out a paint job than on a rainy day since you are already indoors? It doesn’t have to be a serious paint job; just recoat the parts that don’t look too good. However, if you are feeling ambitious, you can go ahead to paint an entire room.

  • Add some color to the kitchen

Walls are not the only fixtures that need some color? If you can lay your hands on some glossy white paint, your kitchen cabinet should receive some of that magic as well. Not only will it give your cabinet a cool aesthetic finish, but it will also protect it from quick water damage.

You can go further by changing the old backsplash with an acrylic plastic sheet, which is much cheaper and extra stylish, especially if your aim is a minor, but modern kitchen revamp.

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