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countyhall400meetingUPDATED: Senior officials from the Isle of Wight Council are set to meet later this morning (Monday) to discuss Undercliff Drive following an urgent site visit yesterday to speak to residents after the road was rebuilt by locals without permission.

Four members of the Isle of Wight Council Executive, Ian Stephens, Steve Stubbings, Phil Jordan and Jonathan Bacon, together with senior Council officers Dave Burbage and Bill Murphy, undertook a site visit to inspect the new temporary road constructed by residents and also to look more widely at the current state of the site as well as discussing matters relating to access and utilities.

On meeting residents at the Undercliff, a wide range of problems and issues were discussed and it was agreed that as a matter of urgency, an Action plan will be instigated to deal with immediate problems over the coming winter period, including allowing safe vehicular access for residents insofar as is possible.

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A further meeting will be taking place at County Hall at 09:00 today to receive information about possible legal issues arising from any immediate actions the Council take and to understand the results of all safety inspections carried out of the road constructed by residents, before work commences on putting the Action plan into operation.

A longer term solution for the Undercliff  is still being investigated in tandem with the immediate plan to deal with current pressing issues.

Councillor Stephens said:

“The visit to the Undercliff site was a useful and productive. Our sympathy goes out to the residents of the affected area and we are sorry that more has not been done since the landslip in February. However we have now agreed a way forward based on the concerns outlined to us today and will be putting this into action on Monday morning”.

UPDATE @ 11:23 – Officials will meet again at 14:00 this afternoon for a further meeting about Undercliff Drive, looking in detail at the next step forward in resolving the resident’s issues.

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