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Stormy weather brought 85+mph winds to the Isle of Wight overnight, resulting in a series of power cuts, fallen trees and plenty of lost wheelie bins.

In Cowes, a scaffolding structure was brought to the ground around 8m away from the building it was supporting at The Green off Crossfield Avenue. The strength of the severe gales was enough to dislodge the scaffolding – but thankfully no persons were injured and nearby properties escaped being hit.

Meanwhile, in Ventnor, longshoremen were out during the early hours in an attempt to protect their huts on the seafront. Sadly, some damage has occurred.

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Paul Berry, who runs Blake’s Longshoremen, has told Island Echo:

“We had a strong southerly wind that had been a steady 30, gusting 50 knots for 12 hours or more leading up to high water at around 02:20 this morning which was 4.8metres. This is the worst kind of wind direction for the beach as it drives the sea onshore and straight up the beach, over the road.

“All of our huts get removed at the end of the year, however, in front of our tea hut we had built up the wooden staging area in order to protect it in the hope we didn’t have to remove it each year”.

Homes and businesses in Freshwater, Niton, Newport, Newchurch, Apse Heath, Godshill, Rookley, Merstone, Arreton and Brighstone were all hit by power cuts overnight. Around 282 Isle of Wight postcodes were affected overall.

At 23:25 last night The Needles recorded a gust of 85mph, with hurricane-force winds hitting the Island since 13:00 on Tuesday afternoon.

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With the winds came heavy rain which has resulted in excessive surface water on the Island’s roads. Motorists should take extra care when travelling this morning, especially after a Ford Focus crashed into a field at Blackwater at around 05:30.

31.9mm of rain fell across the Island overnight.

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Windy yes, but Hardly ” hurricane-force winds hitting the Island since 13:00 on Tuesday”

(hurricane-force wind is classed as _sustained_ wind speed of ≥ 73 mph,.. one or two gusts, only at the needles, doesn’t really count)


It’s called click bate and we fell for it. All media outlets (including traditional media) do it now. Forget the facts or doing investigative reporting. Just over exaggerate everything to get views on the adverts.



Zack Zuck

it’s called an adblocker

Mrs Bee

Not only at the Needles!


Where else then ?… St Catharine’s recorded a max gust of something like 65 mph (in huricane terms that’s a gentle breeze)
IIRC IOW weather in Newport, was something similar

Southampton Docks claim to have recorded a gust of 93, but that’s not on the IOW

& these are only gust speeds,.. not sustained,.. hardly a Huricane ???

As John said above, “Forget the facts….Just over exaggerate everything”

John Smith

I certainly will not be using that company for scaffolding! Installed correctly that should not had come down like that.

Safe scaff

It’s an amazing effort by the scaffold firm to get their structures to collapse in this direction well done

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