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Emergency services responded to reports that a car had left the road and rolled into a field near Arreton earlier this morning (Wednesday). 

The incident occurred on the main Newport to Sandown Road between Blackwater and Arreton at around 05:30.

2 fire crews were mobilised to the scene over fears an individual was trapped inside the Ford Focus, which came to rest on its side having gone up a bank whilst travelling towards Arreton.

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Thankfully, no one was seriously injured in the crash but the car has sustained serious front-end damage.

The driver was helped from the vehicle by fire crews and handed over to paramedics from the Isle of Wight Ambulance Service.

The car remains in situ this morning close to the local parcel distribution centre.

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Phil mccavity

More bad driving on the I o w


What an idiot you are. Wait for the facts before you open your big mouth..


Lol triggered


Don’t get it, do you Daviek?

Zack Zuck

The fact is “bad driving = accident”
Or in the case of a “medical episode” driving when you shouldn’t

Ben Dover

I absolutely agree Philip

Stan Dupright

And most of the intelligent people reading this don’t, Ben.


Don’t upset the snowflakes!..

Az-zahra Aziz

Phil is right..


So you know all the details do you?

We Know Enough

Even in today’s enlightened thought processes most people would struggle to call this good driving.


Another idiot making stupid comments before knowing the facts.

Zack Zuck

“Ford Focus”
How fast was the chav driving?

Deb j

He isn’t a chav.happpens to be a man that gets up early hours of morning 6 days a week to do manual job on driver.just a freak accident hitting puddle strong wind.and b4 you mention anything about speeding he was at a safe speed.uou must be very faking bored to have to comment on things you have no facts about

Zack Zuck

If he’s getting up early every morning, maybe he fell asleep at the wheel?
Whatever the case, flipping his car sure woke him up lol.
Needs to spend less time watching Netflix till 3am and get some sleep like a good worker bee.


Zack Zuck, your comments are becoming somewhat offensive. Please desist.

Az-zahra Aziz

So he was driving way too fast for the road conditions, AKA ‘bad driving’.
Phil nailed it.

Some Guy

For the first time ever I agree with you. Driver not driving to the conditions

Zack Zuck

Lol ok.
If he was at a “safe speed” and driving with due care and attention, he would be doing some Italian Job style stunts.


If he was going to the mainland why was he going that way?


Yet another single vehicle ‘accident’.


If we totally ignore the muppets for long enough, they might just go away!

Fed up

We can only hope so, it’s pointless stupid comments that are made by the regular few that are ruining what could be a good website

Zack Zuck

If you don’t like it move to China and only say what the govt/mass media wants you to say 🙂

Poor little Zack Zuck and Az Z

I think they feed off the thumbs down’s. Like sorry little bullies who have mummy/daddy issues and take it out on everyone.
Best not read their comments and don’t fuel their ego’s with a response.

Zack Zuck

Yo just shut yo eyes
don’t look at the screen



john smith

“Sustained serious front end damage”
A picture speaks a thousand words you know

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