Sandown 2022 Carnival Queens
Sandown’s 2022 Carnival Queens L-R: Maisie Holbrook (10), Danni Pressey (10), Nadia Mobarak (9), Emily Parker (11), Ava Rooney (11) and Phoebe-Madison Parr (11).


Sandown is getting ready to stage its first carnival processions since 2019, as well as the annual Sandown Bay Regetta.

Planning for this summer’s carnivals is well underway with the town’s 2022 Queens having already been chosen.

Thousands of people are expected to turn out for the Main Carnival on Saturday 30th July and the Illuminated Carnival on Wednesday 31st August.

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This year, the carnival committee will also be organising the Sandown Bay Regatta which takes place over the weekend of 13th/14th August.

Paul Coueslant, who chairs Sandown Carnival Association, says:

“Our summer parades are always exciting occasions for residents and visitors. They’ve been part of the town’s calendar since 1889 and we can’t wait to put them on again after two years of cancellations.

“As always, we rely on financial support from our local community and we’re hugely grateful for the donations we get”.

To help locals put together their 2020 entries, Sandown Carnival Committee has announced a development fund. Eager carnival participants can find a grant application form at

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Sandown Carnival is a non-profit community group run by volunteers and donations can be made at

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