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Recycling and waste collections across the Isle of Wight will be slightly altered next week to allow staff to attend the funeral of a lost colleague.

As a result of the sad loss of a long standing and well respected member of the waste and recycling collection crew, there will be no waste or recycling collections on 19th November. This is to allow staff to attend the funeral.

Recycling and Waste Collections will be made a day in hand as follows:

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Normal Collection Day Revised Collection Day
Monday 18th November NO CHANGE
Tuesday 19th November Wednesday 20th November
Wednesday 20th November Thursday 21st November
Thursday 21st November Friday 22nd November
Friday 22nd November Saturday 23rd November

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Thats actually really nice of a fully functional business to alter for the funeral!
Was a great person! Rip
Hats off to management for letting this happen so they can attend!

Jayne Hayward

Marvellous tribute


Horrible person you don’t know the circumstances
He was a lovely lad loved by many


What a horrible person u t


What a stupid comment. Let’s hope you don’t have to take a day off work due to a bereavement. I couldn’t care less if they have to be paid extra to work the Saturday, or if the collection wasn’t until the following week. It’s extenuating circumstances so get off your high horse. If you’re that bothered about waiting an extra day, take your own rubbish to the tip. Rest in peace to the deceased and lots of love to his family and friends who are suffering at the moment.

J merry

What a negative view you have on this,this person who passed away is being shown respect by the people that knew him.So it inconvenient to you .For gods sake you need get a life ,


How heartless of you!!!



Neil down

Karma !!!




Nasty nasty person


What a disgusting comment have some thought and respect so you got to wait another day to have your rubbish taken if it worries you that much take your rubbish to the tip


Have some respect

Tracey Robinson

Have respect so what if you have to wait another day to have your rubbish taken away
if it bothers you so much take your rubbish to the tip


Your comments are heartless ……. one day is not going to make the slightest difference such a negative attitude

J poole

Heartless & Vile, have some respect.

Keith O

If you knew the circumstances you horrid individual. Then you may have second thoughts. So your rubbish collection is day late big deal.

john parker

in know the lad that died he worked with every crew on the refuse collection this is not putting life risk its just inconvenient for people like you you are vile


It’s one day have some respect


Lady put a box over your head stand in the road and shout I’m a shameful person

idiot hunter

You’re an idiot.

none given

Ms Amey – your comments are being treated with the contempt that they so richly deserve.

The reason that this public service can do this on the odd occasion, is because it is not critical to life or the safety of human beings, that your used bean cans, newspapers, food waste and other refuse is collected.

Work it out will you.


Let’s hope no one goes to your useless funeral!

Don’t care

Heartless cow.


Absolutely disgusting disrespectful comment MS AMEY (not your name obviously) shame on you what a horrible person you are! Take it your an “I AM” person finger clicking now now now self centred it’s all about you and you only very selfish….

RIP to the person who passed away thoughts are with his family and work colleagues.


What a nasty heartless bitch

Andrea Garvey

You are a stupid person. Can you not have some empathy for the person who has sadly passed away and allow this persons colleagues to say goodbye. I day late collecting your rubbish is not life threatening.


Disgusting comment how heartless.


Disgusting attitude you have there. Well done to the company for allowing ALL the staff to attend.


Ms amey what a horrible bastard you are let’s hope no one dies close to you in these services but I suppose your well above the likes of the working class!


What a vile human you are. Have some respect for his loved ones. I’m sure one day isn’t going to hurt out of the whole bloody year. You don’t know the circumstances so keep your nasty opinions to yourself. Think about his loved ones who have to read your negative post. Last thing they need. Sending love to the family & friends. RIP. You was so very loved


Have some thought for the family they have lost there loved one
You are a sad person get a life bloody more to life than complaining about ur bin

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