2020 was a great year for the gaming industry, with FIFA 21 ranking as UK’s Top selling game with around 2.18 million sales. The increase in the number of gamers has been witnessed across the industry, resulting in a rise in demand for all games, including those developed in the UK.

Here are the world's top 5 video games developed in the United Kingdom that you will want to play today. Casino punters will also want to redeem the Unibet Casino Bonus Code for enjoying
a great variety of incredible gaming opportunities.

1. Grand Theft Auto

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Since the first edition of the GTA series, this game has continued rising in popularity worldwide. GTA 5 also sold out fast, with some players taking days off work to sample the title after
queuing for days to grab a copy. The same sold 15 million copies in three days, making it among the highest selling games of all time.

2. Tomb Raider

Arguably the most popular video game heroine today, Lara Croft first came to life in 1993, created by Core Design in Derby. Today, the Tomb Raider series development is handled by Crystal Dynamic, who took over in 2006 and released Tomb Raider: Legend Game. The series has sold over 35 million copies today, making it among the UK’s highest-grossing titles.

3. Harry Potter Series

With Harry Potter being the most celebrated movie in the UK, this gaming franchise was also developed in the region. The game series was created by Guilford-based company EA’s Bright
Light Studio and has sold over 40 million copies to date. Unfortunately, Bright Light Studio stopped developing games in 2012.

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4. GoldenEye 007

While there have been several successful video games based on everyone’s favorite spy from the UK, GoldenEye 007 has a special place in everyone’s hearts. The game was released on
Nintendo 64 in 1997 and has been re-released again for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

Initially, Gold Eye 007 was created by a team of inexperienced developers at Rare, with eight out of ten people in the group having no prior experience in video game development. However, the
game went ahead to win the 1998 BAFTA Interactive Entertainment games Award.

5. Football Manager 2017

This football management simulation game developed by Sports Interactive was unveiled in November 2006, available on macOS, Microsoft Windows, and Linux. The gameplay resembles the Football manager series, allowing a professional football team to take control as the manager.

You can sign football players on contracts, give pep talks to your team and manage your club’s finances. Your success is judged on several factors by the team’s AI board and owners.

Bottom Line

In 2020, the UK video game market was worth around 5.3 British pounds, rising from 4.8 billion in 2019. The growth in UK's gaming industry is attributable to last-year social distancing
restrictions, which forced millions of consumers to stay behind closed doors and forego traditional entertainment options. Experts also predict the sector will rise to reach 7 billion British pounds before 2025.

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